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Children parents of a small child should be prepared for a variety of troubles - from infectious diseases, such as colds and the flu Influenza - expect the unexpected but always Influenza - expect the unexpected but always , to cuts and scratches, which can easily get the baby, to actively explore the world around us.A first aid kit for babies sense to cook during pregnancy, as after childbirth you will hardly have enough time to go to a drugstore and shops.What should include a first aid kit for the newborn baby?

best to store drugs and items that may be required for first aid a child in a waterproof box made of durable material.Of course, they can be kept in a cabinet, but remember that it is easier to bring a first aid kit to the child than the child to the medicine cabinet.All the contents of first aid kits should be in perfect order.When you need a bandage or a thermometer, you should immediately find him, and not dig in to a pile of dumped bottles and boxes.Keep a first aid kit out of the reach of small children and pets, but make sure that everyone living in your home grown know exactly where to find it.



Instructions for first aid is written in simple and accessible language, it's best - with pictures.Search the Internet such an instruction, print, and store it in the medicine cabinet.Even if you went to a first aid course, in a situation where a newborn child is required first aid, you can forget what to do, or to confuse the sequence of actions.In such cases, always at hand should be a good guide.



This is the safest of the currently existing analgesics and antipyretics, even though his newborn can be given only after consultationa doctor (it is not due to the danger of drugs, and the fact that all infants require special handling, and any action in their treatment should always be checked with a specialist).

is best for baby kits to buy paracetamol, designed specifically for children - it is available in the form of a suspension, and contains a relatively low dose of the active ingredient.



Include this drug in the medicine cabinet for a newborn infant is not necessary but desirable.It is also fairly safe for kids, and, unlike paracetamol Paracetamol - is effective in moderate pain Paracetamol - is effective for moderate pain , has not only analgesic and antipyretic effects, but also has anti-inflammatory properties.Usually, it is recommended to give only children older than three months, or kids who weigh more than five kilograms.


Plasters Plasters

different sizes have to be in the medicine cabinet of the newborn.No need to buy plasters with drawings that produce specifically for children - they are more expensive and have exactly the same properties as conventional plasters.A child in the first months of life draws attention mainly on large and bright objects, and drawings on the patches are too small to interest.As for the purchase of such patches for older children, keep in mind that a child may be a strong temptation to unstick an adhesive plaster with the pleasant picture.In short, the choice of adhesive plasters is based on the principle "the simpler, the better."



Buy for children's medicine cabinet more conventional gauze bandages, elastic bandage and one - just in case.In addition, ask the pharmacy a special adhesive tape, which is used to secure the bandages.


antibacterial cream or ointment

Neosporin or other ointments containing antibacterial ingredients, useful in case of small cuts or scratches in the child.


means to facilitate itching

These tools include, for example, calamine and hydrocortisone ointment Hydrocortisone - a drug that could save the life of the patient Hydrocortisone - a drug that could save the life of the patient .They help relieve the itching caused by insect bites, rashes and some other reasons.



In the medicine cabinet for a newborn kit for the newborn - the means for all occasions First aid kit for a newborn - the means for all occasions necessarily be safe antiseptic, so you can quickly disinfect the skin of the cuts or scratches.Ask your pharmacist to recommend to you an antiseptic suitable for newborns and infants.Do not use in the treatment of young children, hydrogen peroxide, as it can severely damage their delicate skin.In addition to the liquid antiseptic in the medicine cabinet should be kept moist antiseptic wipes.



Skin newborn insect repellents should not be applied without a corresponding doctor's advice.However, a few months after birth, when you walk more with the child and his skin will become somewhat less sensitive to the effects of various chemicals, the kid might need repellent.Buy insect repellent, designed specifically for children.It is best to choose a repellent in the form of lotions or creams;aerosols are advised to avoid as they spray can get into the eyes and lungs of the child.

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