Solving the problem of excess weight in children without compromising their health: expert advice

problems of overweight children If you want to help your child get rid of the extra kilos without prejudice to his health, do not try to stick to popular diets and do not go on about his instincts.You may feel that the diet - the most effective way to solve the problem, but experts say that this is not the best choice.Examine the issue from the perspective of scientific research.

To help your child lose weight gradually make changes in the diet of your family and a normal way of life.Consult with a nutritionist, a pediatrician to find out what steps should be taken to improve the lives of your family.

parents should not direct all efforts on weight loss, when the child grows up, it is much more important to adhere to certain rules and just follow the right diet Proper nutrition - basic precepts of healthy food Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food your son or daughter.

This approach does not allow the child overweight gain more unwanted kilograms.You do not need to count every calorie, strictly limit the use of certain products, if it is not a special requirement of children's nutritionist.

Help your whole family get rid of bad eating habits

Take on the role of leader.Apply the idea of ​​changing the culture of your diet as much as possible in a more positive light and form.Find an ally in the face of your child or someone in the family - the motivation will only increase.Of course, you can only rely on your own enthusiasm, but the more people are involved in this useful project, the better.

Always eat at the table

temptation to snack while watching TV programs is very large, and not all members of the family get there in one and the same time, but try at least once a day to get everyone at the table.It has been noticed that children who eat with everyone, much less prone to excessive fullness.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

Keep your child's diet to be present fruits and vegetables.Ideally, the rate of consumption should be five or six servings a day.Fresh fruits and vegetables is best to keep in sight, apples or oranges lay in a beautiful dish and put on the table, washed medium-sized vegetables are best kept in the refrigerator in a transparent plastic container.

Avoid drinking sodas, energy and fruit punch

Try to make sure that each family member before a meal drink a glass of purified water.From habit to consume sweet drinks difficult to get rid of, it will take some time.If your family members are usually the day drink four servings of these drinks is not very useful for the beginning, try to reduce them to three, after some time - up to two and so on.

Be careful with 100% natural fruit juices

Undoubtedly, fruit juices contain more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients than nectars, punch and other sugary drinks.But in the natural juices also contain a lot of sugar and very often they are not inferior calorie soft drinks.Giving preference to 100% juices, you consume more calories than you can imagine.Limit one portion a day, about 230 mL for adults and adolescents and 170 ml - for younger children.

Make sure that your child does not skip breakfast

Sometimes it is very difficult to find time for a full breakfast, in such a situation, toast with peanut butter - quite a decent solution.Very often, children do not like what is usually served for breakfast, do not force them to eat what they do not like, you can replace the traditional set of themes that the child usually eats during the day.

Try to limit TV viewing to two hours a day

Make time for physical education child Raising a child: who will win? Raising a child: who will win? .Ask, what games he likes to play and try to direct his energy in a more useful direction than watching television.

Slowly increase regular exercise

Try to build a child's schedule so that at least one hour a day of physical activity he paid.Some simple exercises such as squats, jumps, slopes help to keep the body in good shape.Even if a child watches cartoons in the commercial breaks he would be useful to move around a little bit.

cook more at home, do not replace dinner at home going to the restaurant

When you cook at home, you know what products you are using.You will not be able to accurately determine calories, content of nutrients and salts.Houses have the opportunity to study in detail the composition of the product, use the more useful spices and additives, to control the amount of salt and sugar in food.

If you dine at a restaurant, try to choose more healthy meals for the whole family.Do not eat bread or buns to feed the main course.Fried chicken is best to replace the baked, high-calorie desserts do not order, if portions are large - it is better to divide it with someone.

If after six months you will not notice significant changes, consult a dietitian or professionals working with children are obese.There are specially designed health programs for weight loss in children, fulfilling all the recommendations of the expert, you will surely achieve positive results.