Newborn straining and groaning - funny sounds

newborn straining and grunting Why newborn straining and groaning, whether it can be a sign of illness, whether to show the baby's doctor?In fact, adults sometimes makes strange noises, especially when they are at home and monitor themselves not as thoroughly as in public places.However, this usually do not notice.When there is a child in the house, his parents and other family members pay attention to almost everything he does, and sometimes misinterpret what they see and hear.

Pregnant women who will become mothers for the first time, usually expect that their child will sometimes scream cry, to laugh, to publish funny sounds, trying to imitate the speech of adults, and ... everything.No more sounds from the baby, as a rule, no one is waiting.So many parents are surprised when their baby starts groaning, grunting, dream Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams make sounds resembling snoring, and so on.And sometimes the child makes an effort and red for no apparent reason, and this too can cause surprise and concern.Young parents immediately raises questions.


Newborn straining and groaning - what could it mean?

In most cases, that the child straining and groaning, does not mean there are any health problems.Experts on child health suggest that this is - just one of the ways to communicate with those around newborn.While he was still looking for ways to attract attention and communicate their needs.

Sometimes the child straining and groaning before crying - it happens quite often.It may also be a manifestation of pleasure and joy - the same as laughter.If the child begins to groan in response to any external stimulation (for example, when you surface, showing a toy, talking to him), most likely, it's just his way of communicating.He still does not know how to react to stimuli in ways understandable to adults, so his reaction could cause a surprise, although they are perfectly normal.

In some cases, the newborn makes an effort because that is experiencing the discomfort that most often cause constipation Constipation - Watch out forfood Constipation - Watch out for food or colic.

cause of constipation in infants often gets feeding with formula milk.In such cases, in order to cope with constipated children recommended to give a little water (on average, around sixty grams a day).As infant formula contains less water than breast milk, constipation may be caused by lack of fluid.If this does not help, you should consult your doctor.He may designate a child receiving laxatives - safe for a newborn, and thus sufficiently effective.

Colic - another reason why the child can push and groan are long-known problem, but to this day they remain largely a mystery to doctors.About colic say when a healthy baby cries for more than three hours a day for at least three days a week, and it lasts for at least three consecutive weeks.That's what we do know about colic:

  • They usually start at the age of two weeks in children born at term, and later in babies who are born prematurely;
  • Colic appear with equal frequency in children of both sexes, as well as those who are breastfeeding or formula milk.The way in which the account had a baby in the family, does not affect the probability of occurrence of colic;
  • Colic almost always pass the time when the child is three or four months;
  • Children who had colic in infancy, in general, do not differ from those who were not.

exact reasons that appear colic are unknown, and therefore it is impossible to prevent them.According to some theories, the causes of colic are: excessive flatulence, reflux, especially child temperament, sensitivity to light or sound, underdeveloped nervous system, digestive problems, caused, perhaps, lactose or other substances contained in the formula.

To get rid of colic or lighten them, your doctor may recommend:

  • try to give the child another milk mixture Dairy mixture - selection of the useful power Dairy mixture - selection of useful power ;
  • Instead infant formula based on cow's milk to give the baby infant formula based on soybean;
  • Women who breastfeed - Avoid caffeine, cow's milk, spicy food.In some cases it is advisable to take certain herbs;
  • Change nipple on the bottle, which is used for feeding.With this baby will swallow less air, and abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms can become weaker;
  • Do not give the baby to take a horizontal position, at least for half an hour after feeding.

addition your doctor may recommend intake of certain drugs to relieve infant colic.

Unfortunately, the use of the above tips, and even medications does not always help to deal with colic.In some cases, parents just have to be patient, because, fortunately colic pass fairly quickly.