Recommendations for the storage of breast milk

Recommendations for the storage of breast milk nursing baby man, though with a little finger Baby man, though with little finger few who does not cause absolutely no problems.Life is unpredictable and sometimes mums have to leave, go to the hospital or traveling on business, and charging to feed the child to someone else.Let's talk about how, in such cases, to store breast milk.

How to store breast milk

Expressed breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator or in the freezer, in clean, airtight containers.Each container should be written, what time it was decanted milk.If necessary, you can just refill your milk in containers with refrigerated or frozen milk.

How long can I store breast milk

Breast milk for healthy, full-term infants can be properly stored:

  • At room temperature (25 C) - from 4 to 10 hours;
  • The refrigerator (0 to -3.9 C) - up to 8 days;
  • in a freezer at a temperature of -4 C to -17.9 - to two weeks;
  • in a freezer at a temperature below -18 C - from six to twelve months.Keep containers of breast milk should not be on the door of a freezer and at the back wall, where the constant temperature of about -20 C.

to defrost the milk, to shift container in the refrigerator.Defrost process takes on average night.Use it for 24 hours after it is thawed.

If the child is drinking breast milk from a bottle, the remainder can be stored and used only for an hour - and then it can start reproduction of potentially dangerous bacteria.

Different sources can find different recommendations on how long you can store breast milk - this applies both to storage at room temperature or in the refrigerator and in the freezer.If it causes you serious doubts, you can consult with your doctor.

How breast milk can be stored in the freezer

While some women just in case decanted and frozen rather large amounts of milk, in most cases it makes sense to put in the freezer a few containers of not more than 120 ml.Send them the date and time when you express milk not to keep them too long.It is not necessary to freeze the 0.5 liter and the more than 1 liter of milk in the same container - there is a chance that some of you do not have time to use after thawing, and it will have to be discarded.

Breast milk can be frozen, not only in special bottles, but also, for example, in forms for ice cubes (of course, they must be thoroughly pre-wash).If necessary, you can defrost as many cubes as you need to fill a milk bottle.

Frozen breast milk changes color - is this normal?

color of frozen or refrigerated milk in the refrigerator may differ from fresh breast milk, but that does not mean that it has deteriorated.When storing the milk may acquire an orange, bluish, yellowish or brownish tint - all this is in the normal range.Furthermore, when the milk is stored in the refrigerator, it can exfoliate - is also normally and sufficiently shake the bottle so that it regained uniform consistency.

How to clean the milk container and chest suction

Before first use any milk container and the details of breast suction, which will be in contact with the breast or milk, should be boiled for 5-10 minutes.Pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations with respect to boiling.

You can also use commercial antimicrobial agents, one boiling efficient and is cheap.

then part of breast suction need to be washed with soap and hot water after each use.Containers for milk and rubber tips should be boiled before each use during the first three months of life.Otherwise, there is a big risk to put on the child's body bacteria, which the immune system immune system - how it works? The immune system - how it works? can not yet handle.

Can I reheat chilled breast milk in a microwave oven

milk in the microwave (and not only it) is heated unevenly.Part of the milk often gets very hot, the other reaches normal temperature, because of what you can decide that the milk is ready to drink, and the child can get burned.The best way to warm a bottle of milk in a pan of warm water, then drop a little milk on the inside of your wrist and when the temperature is normal, to start feeding.In addition, there are now special device for heating the milk, which can be used both at home and in the car.

defrost breast milk in a microwave oven should not be too - defrost for foods that you eat yourself.To quickly defrost the milk, put the bottle in a container of warm water, and remember to change the water, bit by increasing its temperature.