The problem of overweight in children: Tips for Parents

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the problem of overweight children Tips for parents It is difficult to help the child to get rid of excess weight.Speaking about this should be approached cautiously, no matter how old your child is.Parents are afraid to say or do something wrong, so as not to hurt the child.At the wrong approach, children can withdraw into themselves and take offense at those who want to help them.We often ignore the weight problem in children, preferring to leave it as it is, in fact understand that it adversely affects their health and emotional state.

The earlier you raise the subject, the easier it will be for your child in the future to achieve positive results in reducing weight.This conversation is not always pleasant, but you must understand that you go at it with good purpose.Ignoring the problem, you do not solve it, and the older the child becomes, the more difficult it will be for him to fight the overweight.The younger the child, the more opportunities you have to change your life for the better, to save him from the problems that accompany the obese children.

Remember that the problem of excess weight will accompany your child and as an adult, if you do not solve it in time.This significantly increases the risk of serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Do not delay resolution of this issue for later, later your child will be much less cause to worry about their health.

Where to start

Professionals working with children who are overweight are advised to follow a few simple guidelines for parents and relatives who want to help their offspring to solve the problem without damaging their self-esteem.

Be an ally of her child

If your child asks questions about your weight, it's important to talk to them honestly and openly, showing that you are willing to help him if necessary.On this issue we need to work together.It is important that your child will feel the support and participation.

Your words should be consistent with the case, show interest in what your child is busy, discuss ways of solving problems together.For example, you can attend cooking courses together, to learn more about healthy eating Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating or open new ways to prepare your favorite dishes.Buy with fruits and vegetables every week, you can choose to sample something new, something you have not eaten before.Perhaps your child seems a good idea for each family member to have a special schedule, which will be designated as each of you have to do during the day.Make decisions together, it will help your son or daughter understand the importance of taking care of their health, affect the self-esteem and self-confidence.

Become a role model

When it comes to a child suffering from excessive fullness, you need to understand that their actions are able to show a lot more than just talk about it.Family - a prime example to follow.Most of the children said that a positive example of parents most influence their attitude to the problem of weight.

That parents should show your child how important it is to eat right and take care of your health.If the family decided to eat in restaurants and at home often is made from semi-finished products, the child automatically takes over the same habits, from which in the future will be very difficult to get rid of.

Try to limit the amount of food from fast food restaurants.Explain that a sandwich with chicken, vegetable or fruit salad is much more useful than a burger and fries.If you place for yourself, order yourself as much as possible healthy food.

Do not look back - start to set a good example today

Start a healthy lifestyle is never too late.Perhaps in the past you do not often think about the quality of their food, but the best you can do is start it from today.Your example will be a source of inspiration for your child.It is important that the child saw that parents monitor their diet, do not spend most of their time watching TV and sports.

Do not start a global change.Gradually reduce the consumption of junk food.Conduct an audit in the refrigerator, get rid of anything that is not good for your body.In the store, pay attention to the composition of the product, avoid foods high in fat and sugar, syrups not get carried away with high fructose Fructose - benefits and harms natural product Fructose - benefits and harms of the natural product .

Do not stop on the achieved results, you need to develop good habits.In your kitchen should be as many useful products.Low-fat yogurts and cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables, a variety of mashed potatoes, peanut butter, whole grain crackers - these are the foods that you need to take note.

In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, it is also useful to buy bread and pasta from whole grains, lean meat.If most of these products can be found in your kitchen, you will have much less to use the services of fast food restaurants and cook tasty and healthy food will be right at home.With all of these products at hand, you will not need to constantly run to the store.

Do not criticize your child's weight, not condemn what he eats

Criticism - the worst possible weapon in the fight for a healthy weight children.Never compare your son or daughter with their slimmer friends.Your comments may be painful wound and hurt the child.

Discuss with the children all the problems that affect their weight

Being overweight can be a symptom of a much deeper problem that can excite your child.Be interested in his life, interests, his academic performance and socializing with friends.

Often feelings of loneliness and lack of understanding from others provokes weight problems in children.These children believe that the food - their only friend.

children are overweight to some degree isolated from society.Develop the ability of the child and encourage their participation in public life.Music lessons, various clubs and sports clubs - the child is very important to communicate with those who can share their interests.

Overeating can also be the result of unresolved problems in the family, the child is very sensitive to the problems in the relationship seven problems in relationships and how to solve them Seven of problems in relationships and how to solve them parents, family financial difficulties and other unpleasant moments.If you feel that the causes of disturbances in the weight of your child can be not just overeating, but more serious things, seek expert advice.

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