The problems of overweight in children: how to build a dialogue with the child

  • problem of overweight in children: how to build a dialogue with the child
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the problem of overweight children Despite the fact that many parents watching weight children, the problem of childobesity, more and more concerned about society.It is not so noticeable as it used to and requires thorough study and control.How to build a dialogue with the child, not blaming yourself for what your child's weight problem?How to help your child without hurting his pride, and not lowering it, and so a low self-esteem?How to explain the need for a reasonable approach to the consumption of food and at the same time show that the difference in his power?A few tips will help you not only to instill in your child a love of healthy lifestyles, but also solve the problem of excess weight.

not concentrate all their attention on the weight as such, is more interested in what your child is living

Most overweight children ashamed of their appearance, this perception of ourselves affects how they relate to lifeand in many ways it prevents them from making the right choice.

On your right approach to solving the problem of how do you take care not only about the weight of your child, but also their own - dependent solution.

As a result of one of the Sociological Research found that the more parents are making the child criticisms about excessive fullness, worse than those it affected the self-esteem of the child andhis attitude toward their own appearance.

Parents' attitudes to their own weight a big influence on children's perception of a weight problem as such.This is especially true for girls.In families where the parents are constantly complaining about the weight or pay too much attention to the problem of weight loss, girls more often tend to be the wrong approach to the culture of food.

If you constantly count the weight, from which you managed to get rid of with diet, the child can not help the impression that his value as a person lies in how much it weighs.

shift the focus and priorities, not pay more attention to weight and lifestyle as you and your child.Try all possible ways to instill the love of family members to a healthy lifestyle.It is important that everyone understands the need for change: children need to feel part of a family project, to involve them in cooking, invent useful recipes together.If you are doing something together, it brings much more benefit than the daily count kilograms, besides, it helps the child to raise self-esteem and realize their own importance.

Develop self-esteem of the child

Do not think that the dress smaller than usual increase self-esteem of your daughter, here is totally different.If a child lives in harmony with himself and he has no problems in communicating with friends, it greatly reduces his chances of overweight.Take care of your child, do not shrug off its problems, also try to change for the better the way of life of your family in general, pay more attention to physical activity and healthy eating Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating .

Of course, you are eating are overweight, and low self-esteem, you will not be easy to implement the advice given above.If you do not see the point in the fight against excess weight your child, or your own, you will be hard to instill in your child healthy eating habits and increase his self-esteem.

your own experience can serve as an educational example and inspiration for your child if he or she is old enough to appreciate it.If you are experiencing a sense of loneliness and isolation from the society because of your excess weight - tell us about this child, describe your feelings and emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code at that time.Do not hide what is going on in your life right now, share their joys and successes, as well as those you're working on at the moment that are trying to improve in your life.The child is important to realize that he can change his body and attitude to life, despite the difficulties, he will know that you understand his problems, because you are faced with such in your life.

Put real achievable goals - do not expect immediate changes

Do not try to change your life in a short period of time, good habits should be part of your life gradually make small changes, which will be easy to get used to - so you canto achieve positive results.Start small, such as with every meal, eat a small amount of vegetables, replace the sweet carbonated drinks a glass of purified water, give at least ten minutes a day walk in the fresh air.

Ask your child what he is interested in, how easy is it to cope with the intended purpose, a sober assessment of its capabilities.Do not skimp on the praise, your support and encouragement is very important.

training does not have to be boring

Try to instill in your child a love of sports, physical exercise increases the child's self-confidence, children begin to perceive their body differently, knowing that their weight is normal.But the main problem lies in the fact that children are obese simply hate team sports, for example, they all means evade such games in physical education classes at school.Because of the excess weight they are often teased and it is difficult to maintain the pace at which children move with normal weight.

Try to pick your child the kind of physical activity that does not make him feel humiliated and will help to improve self-esteem.You can just start with walking in the park after dinner, gradually increasing the distance traveled.If every time the walk is too long not just walk, do not think that the distance - this is the most important.Everything will come in due time.

not necessarily encourage the child to the competition, exercise may be fed into the game and positive manner, well, if the physical abilities of your child is not much different from playmates.You can just dance to the music, watch their movements, listen to your body, over time your daughter or son will no longer seem that everyone pays attention to it, and it will feel much freer.

If you are not very active in life, you can be difficult to rebuild their own lives, so try to find a softer approach, do not force your child, do not force him to do what he does not like.It is better if the whole family is involved in the restructuring process, support each other, your relationship will become stronger and the child will be easier to overcome feelings of embarrassment and dissatisfaction with their appearance.

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