Dynamic Gymnastics for babies - a sport for kids

dynamic gymnastics for newborns All parents want their children to grow up healthy, strong, agile, and some are willing to try this for a variety of technology improvement and training toddlers.Already many years ago enthusiasts involved with newborn swimming, tried to temper them, made them massages.Now there are new ways to actively take care of the health of the child, for example, the so-called children's yoga and dynamic exercises for babies.The latter method has appeared recently, and for several years managed to gain many supporters and opponents.


How useful dynamic gymnastics for newborns

Classes dynamic gymnastics look pretty creepy.Instructors and already learning the basics of techniques parents holding children's hands or legs (and sometimes only one leg), twist them and swing in different directions, causing a variety of reactions - from merry laughter to tears, the cause of which is obviouslyfear.

founders and adherents of this method argue that dynamic gymnastics has diverse, and exceptionally beneficial effect on the child.A person with whom a child to engage in such exercises in the future will be more developed, both physically and intellectually, than men who have been deprived of this type of load.

Many people who are engaged with their children in gymnastics dynamic, argue that their children begin to crawl, walk and talk before it occurs in children, on average.This is due to the fact that such training stimulate muscle development, reinforcing cords and so on.In addition, it is believed that the dynamic exercises enhances immunity Immunity - help the immune system Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system , improves digestion and coordination, stimulates the blood flow to various organs, including the brain.Moreover, it is assumed that the long-term dynamic gymnastics lessons in childhood can contribute to the development and communication skills make a person more confident.


dynamic gymnastics can be dangerous?

hazards can be any wellness techniques whose effectiveness has not been proved.Dynamic Gymnastics has not been studied, and it is unlikely it will be investigated in the near future, as many doctors fear it causes.

dynamic gymnastics in any case can not deal with children who have any birth injuries Birth injuries - than they threaten your child? Birth injuries - than they threaten your child? .For these kids, it can lead to unpredictable and dangerous consequences.

Also, do not try to master the technique of dynamic exercises on their own, such as video tutorials that the internet a lot.At the wrong exercises especially high risk of damage to the joints.In addition, in an apartment there is always a chance that a child in the classroom will hit about any piece of furniture, and well, if you have not hit in the head.Therefore, those who want to engage in dynamic exercises, it is necessary to refer to trainers who work in many major cities.As a rule, they go to school rather large group of moms or dads with children;it is possible as to exchange experiences and impressions with other supporters of this technique, and be able to communicate with new people - young parents, often it is not enough.

Specialists raises concerns and the fact that quite often the children in the classroom such exercises completely stripped.Proponents of this method believe that since they harden children, so kids will be less sick.However, in practice, if the room is not warm enough to practice this can lead to hypothermia.If your child regularly supercooled, it may cause not only separate episodes of colds, which occur at all, but a persistent decrease in immunity.

Finally, it would be useful for the dynamic exercises the child or not, strongly depends on the reaction.Some children really like it when parents and instructors twist them high above the floor, or wobble, causing them to feel reminiscent of a fast ride up and down.Others children in the performance of such exercises are scared, start crying and calm down only after the body returns to its resting state.Sometimes kids eventually get used to the exercises, but for some dynamic exercises and remains a source of great stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? .If you went to school and see that the child can not get used to them, do not try again and again to make him fall in love with them.This will cause him a lot of stress, and it is equally harmful to the health of children and adults.


Do we need all newborns extra load?

Maybe a little child it is better to leave alone - that is, not to engage with him dynamic exercises, yoga, or anything else, but just wait until he grows up and he chooses a sport that he would prefer?Many doctors believe that while some types of exercises for young children is really harmful, they still need regular load - of course, the age-appropriate.Because newborns can not yet move themselves, they have to move to parents.As much as possible go through the house with him, holding him in her arms, dance with him, squat, and so on.This is useful for young mothers, who often have problems with recruited during pregnancy overweight, and children.

  • The first such joint "training" to help to establish close contact between parent and child.
  • Secondly, regularly moving with him and allowing him to freely move his arms and legs, you teach him to regular physical activity.

Studies have shown that the earlier parents start such a way to produce a child the habit of regular exercise, the greater the likelihood that in the future he will lead a healthy, active life, and will not suffer from overweight or obesity.Of course, we should not go to extremes.Dynamic gym or, for example, hardening with cold water hardening cold water - make the body work Hardening of cold water - it makes the body work in infancy can benefit, but more likely they will lead to certain health problems, or, at best, cause the childtemporary psychological stress.