Diabetic Cooking for kids: drawing up the rules of the diet

cooking diabetic children When it comes to diabetes, some changes in the diet are unavoidable and absolutely necessary.To please the child with food in general is not easy, and planning the menu according to taste both the child and the requirements for a diabetic diet can be a real challenge.If your child has diabetes, you know, of course, that power is a key tool of the course of the disease.

there should be more often

First, experts say that a child with diabetes do not need to adhere to a standard diet three times a day, and there are more and better in small portions.If, say, your child but three main meals will be three more light snack, increase the likelihood that the blood sugar and insulin Principles of insulin - the science of saving lives The principles of action of insulin - the science saves lives in his blood will not change much.So that you do not have to constantly be in the kitchen, prepare the food in advance.You can even expand the portion of convenient container that the child could always eat quickly.


located at the base of the food pyramid carbohydrates have a huge impact on blood sugar levels blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health .To control the level of sugar in the diet include baby foods that contain a lot of complex carbohydrates.Try to keep it consumed carbohydrates as much as possible.

Fruits and Vegetables

They are absolutely essential diabetic child.Add one fruit and one vegetable to each of his dishes, and if your child does not like to eat them "just so", prepare snacks such as dumplings, cheese with broccoli and other light meals with vegetables and fruits.

Sweets without sugar

Diabetes should not deprive your child's sweet treats that are so fond of most children.But that craving for sweets do not affect the health, place in baking sugar substitutes or bake buns and cakes with fruit, which in itself will make them quite sweet.It is desirable to have the house no baking was prepared with the addition of regular sugar.Firstly, so you do not have to once again experience the force of will of the child;Secondly, such a useful and pastries for healthy family members.

Changes in diet family

can prepare meals for a diabetic child, and for all other separately, and you can save time and change the diet of the whole family.The diabetic diet is usually low in sugar and fat, and a lot of useful products such as cereals, fruits and vegetables.Even if other members of your family do not have the urgent need to move to such products, it does not hurt them, but rather even get rid of the many possible health problems in the future.