The normal temperature in infants - the right numbers

normal temperature in infants in infants, especially during the first weeks of life, the thermoregulatory system is not well developed.Consequently, the normal temperature is maintained in infants, largely determined by temperature, clothing, blankets and so on.

People treat warm-blooded animals, which are able to maintain a normal body temperature irrespective of the ambient temperature (of course within certain limits).The process that is used for this is called thermoregulation.When a man is hot, its pores widen, he begins to sweat, which cool the body inside and out.When it's cold, the pores close, he begins to tremble, accelerated metabolism - all of this to people warmed up.


What is the normal temperature in infants?

normal temperature in infants as well as adults, is considered to 36.6S.However, it is also a normal fluctuation in the range of 37C to 36.3S - the temperature can vary within this range in perfectly healthy children.How and by what saved the normal body temperature in infants if their thermoregulatory system still continues to evolve?

in utero baby's temperature is correct and stable - it is about 37.7S.It changes little due to the mother's body activity aimed at the development of safe pregnancy.Immediately after the birth of a child has a very limited capacity to regulate their own body temperature.He can move, but it is no such reaction to the cold, shiver.It may perspire, but is fully functional only sweat glands on the head, neck, hands and feet, that is, approximately twenty-five to thirty percent of the total area of ​​the skin.To keep warm, the child can only curl up in a fetal position, move, or if it does not help to cry, to attract the attention of adults.

main source of heat in infants at the very beginning of life is the so-called brown adipose tissue.It begins to form between the twenty-sixth and thirtieth week of pregnancy, and ranges from two to seven percent of the weight of the child at birth.Brown adipose tissue are quite a few in the organisms of young children and hibernating animals, as an adult it is much less.As soon as a child's thermoregulatory system becomes more developed, the content of this tissue in his body gradually decreases.

order to retain normal temperature for infants, it is very important to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room where it is located, as well as the right to wear it.

indoor temperature tribal chambers should be in the range of 21C to 25C.At the birth of the child's body temperature drops sharply;This is due to the fact that he gets a much cooler environment than the womb, and due to the fact that his skin is wet, and therefore, heat transfer occurs especially rapidly.To prevent hypothermia, the child shortly after birth gently wipe with a towel and clothes.Then, after discharge from the hospital the parents need to closely monitor the fact that the child was warm.To do this, infants should not be left in the room with the windows open, they need to dress warmly for a walk (especially during walking, they often sleep and dream Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams body temperature naturally drops), bathe only in warm, not in the cool water.Of course, this does not mean that the baby - extremely fragile and gentle creature, for whom even a slight whiff of bad cold wind.On the other hand, experts do not advise children to wear too warm - just observe reasonable precautions.


How to measure the temperature?

When measuring body temperature errors are always possible.We will talk about how to avoid them, or at least minimize them.First of all, you need to choose a good thermometer.Whatever thermometer you are able to buy, do it in pharmacies, and give preference to well-known manufacturers.Generally, people oscillate between electronic and mercury thermometers, not knowing what better to choose.

  • electronic thermometer, of course, is much safer for the baby baby man, though with a little finger Baby man, though with little finger .He's not broken, do not injure the child, and does not contain potentially hazardous to his health mercury.On the other hand, these thermometers are often mistaken for a few tenths of a degree (and sometimes a degree), and they may be the worst possible time to sit down batteries.However, we must pay tribute - in a good electronic thermometers are usually inserted batteries are properly doing their job for several years.
  • Mercury thermometers measure temperatures accurately and some they do not require batteries, but they should be used very carefully.If a thermometer is broken, remove spilled mercury can be difficult.However, many of us in childhood is such measured temperature thermometer, and without any unfortunate consequences.

preferred to measure the temperature in infants in the armpit.If we put a thermometer in his mouth, it is likely that the child simply push out his tongue.Rectal temperature measurement gives very accurate results, but it causes some discomfort, in addition, have to wash the thermometer after each measurement.

Place the thermometer under the right or the left hand of the child, and make sure that between the thermometer and the skin is not folds of clothing.In the next three to five minutes, holding the baby in her arms, making sure that he did not move his arms, and the thermometer has not dropped.

grudnika Body temperature may be somewhat higher than normal not only when he is ill, but if your house is very warm, it is actively moved to temperature measurement or was tightly wrapped in a blanket, if he had been drinking a hot drink in less than ten minutes before themeasurement, or if he is too warmly dressed.


normal, low, high and very high body temperature in infants

According to various estimates, is considered the norm for grudnika body temperature by up 36-36.3S 37-37.1S.Temperatures below 36C is lower, and may be a sign of hypothermia and some diseases, such as diabetes and hypothyroidism.Certain infectious diseases, as well as taking certain medications may also lead to a decrease in body temperature.If the body temperature is below normal grudnichka, be sure to check with your doctor.If in addition to the reduction in body temperature observed symptoms such as poor response to external stimuli, pallor, shortness of breath, drowsiness, you should call an ambulance.

  • If the temperature in infants temperature in infants - abnormal Temperature in infants - abnormalities a little above the norm - from 37.1S 37.5S up, it may indicate that he is too warmly dressed, either it's located in a very warm room.Remove it with a piece of clothing and / or turn on air conditioning or open the windows - in most cases, then the body temperature returns to normal.
  • body temperature of up to 38C 37.5S is considered elevated, and may be a sign of any disease.At this temperature grudnichki usually experience mild illness, but it is not necessary antipyretic drugs.
  • When the temperature in infants rises to 38-38.5S say that a fever.The most common cause of heat are various viral infections.At this temperature, it is necessary to see a doctor and he may appoint a fever.
  • At very high fever, that is, at a temperature of up to 39C 38.5S, antipyretic necessarily appointed.If within an hour after receiving the temperature drops, you need to call an ambulance.
  • If the body temperature in infants rose above 39C, you should immediately call an ambulance.This temperature may be a sign of severe infectious diseases that can lead to serious complications.In some cases, children with a very high fever requiring hospitalization.