Diets low in sugars, which like children

a diet low in sugar like children Too high blood sugar levels blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health may eventually lead to serious diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease and heart.It is important from an early age children to instill good habits to reduce the risk of their health problems in the future.One of the most useful habits - healthy eating, an important role which is eating foods with a low sugar content.

Protein diet

children should appeal to a diet rich in protein, with a minimum of cholesterol and carbohydrates.Cook them chicken breast, lean pork and fish.Squirt a few drops of olive oil a piece of salmon, add the cherry tomatoes and bell pepper, and bake 40 minutes at 190 degrees.This dish is particularly delicious with grated garlic.Salmon is rich in omega-3, which prevent heart disease.

low-carb diet

Since sugar is a type of carbohydrate, reduced its consumption reduces the risk of developing diabetes.It is particularly important to monitor the level of carbohydrates in the diet of children at risk of developing diabetes - for example, if the disease has one of the parents.Avoid light colors carbohydrates (sugar, white rice, etc.), - these are simple carbohydrates that are stored as body fat.Opt for complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread and various cereals.Brown rice is much more useful than white.Pancakes will be more useful if the furnace is not out of the ordinary flour, buckwheat, and even better if you add them Bran Bran - benefits and harms by type Bran - the benefits and harms by type .When buying a bakery, choose whole grains;they are added to the pumpkin and sunflower seeds, raisins, and more, making this bread even more useful.

less sugar

Prepare children for breakfast unsweetened cereal.Refreshments can be a piece of whole-wheat bread with peanut butter or cottage cheese and slices of fruit.Refuse from store jam - it has a lot of sugar and preservatives.Prepare a variety of desserts with gelatin, replacing sugar fruits, berries or fresh juices.Instead, buy ice cream sorbet child (ice cream from fruit juice - it is much lower in fat and sugar).In the shops you can find all kinds of candy and chewing gum without sugar.If you want to treat a child with chocolate, it is not milk, and black.Let baby celery, carrot and cheese.It is more useful than the usual candy or chips.

Fruits and vegetables

The more fruits and vegetables your child eats, the better.Very little sugar include: lemon, lime, rhubarb, raspberries, blueberries Benefits and harms of blueberries: the health of the forest Benefits and harms of blueberries: the health of the forest , and cranberries.A little more - in grapefruits, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, melons and papaya.And better to avoid or limit the number of fruit with a high sugar content, such as bananas Bananas: benefit and harm to health Bananas: the benefits and harms health , dates, raisins, grapes, tangerines, cherries, pineapple, apricots, oranges and kiwi.Not only sugar eggplant, asparagus, cabbage, green onions and onions.