What you need to have a newborn - great needs a little man

you need to have for newborns Soon you will have a baby, and you have already made a long list of the most necessary things for a newborn.Of course, it includes cribs, strollers and child car seat.Another thing to keep for newborns, so you can take care of your baby?


diapers and diaper bag

Of course, the baby will need diapers.But what and how much?

Diapers: Some young parents prefer a low-cost option as diapers, while others enjoy the convenience of disposable nappies (diapers).Whatever you choose, you will need about 10-12 pieces per day.

Diaper Bag: mothers say that for a long time do not need to think.Because your hands are busy with the baby, the bag should be small.Very convenient bags backpacks.

good diaper bag holds not only diapers.Think about how to carry a camera (to capture the funny moments), snacks for Mom and sunscreen Sunscreen: not just for the beach Sunscreen is not just for the beach .It is also recommended to carry:

  • Wet wipes for baby
  • diapers or towels, you'll litter when changing diapers
  • a plastic bag for dirty diapers
  • child analgesic (paracetamol)
  • Food for baby
  • Additional changeclothes for child
  • Baby cream
  • antibacterial hand lotion



newborn should be bathed two or three times a week.Sponging is only recommended in the first two weeks of life, until no longer navel.Here are the basic facilities for bathing newborns:

  • plastic tub for baby
  • Terry cloth or gloves for bathing
  • soft towels (suitable for children hooded towels)
  • Baby Shampoo Baby Soap

Although allowed to use for bathing babysoft soap for adults funds intended specifically for children, are best in the early months of a child's life to avoid irritation.If you are in doubt, talk to your pediatrician.



While the child is small, you do not need a lot of medicines and medical devices.

Recommended buy:

  • Electronic thermometer for measuring rectal temperature (as well as Vaseline petroleum jelly : old friend Vaseline: old friend or baby cream)
  • Cream of diaper rash
  • Nasal Aspirator
  • Saline nose drops
  • antipyreticsmeans (paracetamol can be used at any age, but be careful with the dosage. Ibuprofen (Nurofen) can be used from 6 months.)
  • Baby cream, shampoo and ointment
  • Safety nail scissors
  • Small patches for scratches

Whatit is not necessary to keep in the medicine cabinet for newborns - is aspirin and cold medicine or cough.

Aspirin should not be given to children because it is associated with Reye's syndrome, a disease that threatens life.It is especially dangerous to give aspirin to children and teenagers who are recovering from the flu or chicken pox Chickenpox - not just a childhood disease Chickenpox - not just a childhood disease .Studies also show that cough medicines cough medicine - when they should be used? Cough medicine - when they should be used? cold and ineffective for young children and can cause dangerous side effects.

Do not treat yourself infants at this age, they need help of competent pediatrician.



better decide before birth whether you breastfeed or bottle.Whatever you choose, you will need baby bottles to store expressed breast milk or formula.It is recommended to prepare the following:

  • 12 bottles and teats
  • 1 brush for cleaning bottles and teats
  • 12 bibs (bibs)
  • plastic caps for bottles (convenient to take with you)
  • comfortable clothes for mom (if breastfeeding)
  • breast

to make feeding time more comfortable, prepare a special pillow on the child will be able to fill them.



Newborns need a lot of sleep.You can opt for a simple child's crib, which has put next to your bed or cot intricate with rattles, but experts agree on one thing: to reduce the risk of sudden infant death, always put the child on the back, putting him to sleep.

Here's what you need:

  • crib (with the distance between the bars no more than 5-7 cm)
  • Thick mattress, corresponding to the size cribs
  • Sheets, appropriate size beds

As for pillows, pediatricians recommend to refrain from pillowsin the crib for a newborn, and warn parents of the risks of pillows in the family bed, when you put the child there.



Here are some things that will help parents to do something about the house:

  • chair with toys: a chair help the child to do the game, while the parents have to do something around the house.
  • Sling: a handy thing you can wear the baby, while keeping your hands free.Slings are good for close contact with the child, and practical for walking and travel.Before buying a sling, make sure to check the weight limit specified by the manufacturer.


clothes and blankets

The first few weeks will be intense for you and your baby.Moms and dads usually are not sure how much clothing you will need when the baby will be home:

  • 4-6 unitard with long sleeves
  • 4-6 unitard with short sleeves
  • 4-6 unitard sleep
  • thin blankets for swaddling
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • 8 raspashonok
  • 5 pairs of sliders
  • 2 pairs of mittens to kid myself not scratched
  • 2 blouses with buttons (for cold weather)
  • winter jumpsuit or envelope
  • 2 hats for newborns

Many parents are advised not to have too many clothes small size, because the child will grow out of it quickly.More comfortable clothes, which is a little high, and it will last longer.

Since the first months of your child will not be a lot of traveling, a lot of parents say that instead of boots, mittens and hats can do a special envelope in which the child will be warm.

good to know not only that you will need to take care of the newborn, but also about what is not worth wasting time and money.

  • baby kit for cot: Since these kits may consist of inappropriate child blankets, pillows and heavy blankets, buying them is not necessary.
  • changing table.Do not buy a special changing table, you can instead use a chest of drawers, putting on him a blanket or mat for changing.You can also keep the litter in different places apartment: on the floor, on the bed, on the couch.
  • beds transformers.Most young parents said that we should not spend money on this device, which can be converted into a bed for the twins to bed, faced with tricky design, ugly (and unsafe) holes that appear after this transformation, and other problems.
  • container for disposal diapers: Surprisingly, many parents do not like these arrangements for disposal of dirty diapers.They are expensive, they do not seem to be hygienic, and not always easy to use.


Advice from Moms

no need to frantically rush to get it all to prepare for the birth of a child.It is impossible to foresee everything you need newborn.

Finally, the best thing that can be handy when a child comes home from the hospital - a caring dad.