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the child Weight of the child immediately after the capture of his birth, which the newborn is placed on special scales.There are certain standards of parameters of the child, on the basis of which to assess the general condition.These include weight and height.According to these indicators conclude a full-term newborns, that in the future is of great importance in monitoring the child.Weight of the child monthly changes dynamically, so each time you visit a pediatrician conducted measuring the weight, growth, reflecting the overall physical development.


How does the weight in the first months of life the newborn

Indicators baby weight after giving birth are not stable, they change dynamically.If we compare these figures to the birthday and on the day of discharge from the hospital, you can see the difference.A newborn is marked loss of body weight, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.The main reasons for this phenomenon are the following mechanisms:

  • loss of fluid from the first feces or meconium, which is formed even in utero
  • loss of fluid through the skin of newborn

Later weight stabilized and should only be added.If there is, the weight still decreases, it is a feature of pathological condition.The newborn should be evaluated, a course of treatment measures.The most common causative factor is the inflammatory diseases, diseases of the digestive tract.

There are certain performance standards, taking into account the weight of the month the child's life.Not every child can match the weight of these indicators, since weight gain is an individual.You can calculate the weight of special formulas, but in practice more convenient option is the table weight.Weight of the child table shows the monthly average normal weight gain in the first year of life.


development in the first three months of life

weight baby for months to evaluate well-being and overall health.It is a time of rapid growth, so every gram counts, who scored a newborn.For various reasons, the child is transferred to artificial feeding, so the adaptation period figures reflect the weight of adequate nutrition.Child's weight at 2 months increases significantly with increase can reach kilogram or more.If during this period, for various reasons the child is not dopoluchaet necessary nutrients, then the weight will fall short of standard indicators.

Weight of the child in 3 months What a child should be able to 3 months - small achievements What a child should be able to 3 months - small achievements several changes due to the active physical development.During this period the child begins to crawl, to move, so the available excess weight over time disappear.This period lasts for the first six months, as further development is not as fast and not as active.Child's weight at 6 months What can the child in 6 months - first achievements What can a child 6 months - first achievements relates to the control weighing.This is one of the important indicators of the harmonious development (mental and physical development in the complex).

At the age of three months in the diet gradually introduced dairy products and fruit purees and juices.Usually, the lure begins with applesauce, mashed potatoes with the volume to be small to three teaspoons per feeding.One should pay attention to the possibility of an allergic reaction Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat , so the introduction of complementary foods introduce solid foods - how not to be mistaken with a choice of products? Introduce solid foods - how not to be mistaken with a choice of products? carried out under medical supervision.


How does the rate of prematurity in the weight gain of the child for months

rate of weight gain should not strictly fall within the scope of the average statistical indicators.Of great importance is the individual development of the child's features.Child's weight at 4 months is approximately doubled.On the performance affects the weight, the child was born before the due date, or on time.Prematurity condition primarily affects the rate of growth of a child for his weight.

proved that the more severe the degree of prematurity is, the more active will increase the weight of the child in the future.

This clearly can be seen in the assessment of overall weight and growth performance in the first three months after birth.Premature babies growth rate is much faster, it remains high in the first six months.If the weight of a full-term baby doubles to four months, the premature babies are ahead of these terms, their weight is doubled in the first three months of life.The weight of the baby 5 months tripled in premature, so you should always take into account the presence of the factors that may affect the performance of weight, height and other parameters.

most optimal nutrition for premature babies is breast milk.It is a balanced content of essential nutrients and protective systems that are so important in a period of growth of the child.When largely prematurity, when the child can not suckle their own, it is recommended to express breast milk.Gradually, as the child grows should translate it fully breastfeeding.If done right, the power of the newborn will be the indicators of weight and height, which are appropriate to the age, that is the key to children's health in general.


frequency of observation of weight

After the first six months have seen the stabilization of the dynamics of weight gain, therefore weight in future performance will meet the age requirements.Weight of the child 7 months added an average of 550-600 grams.It is impossible to interpret the indicators of weight without the child's growth.Weight is less dependent on the age, so the measurement of the growth is carried out simultaneously with the weighting for the doctor in the clinic.

assessment of the nutritional status of the child can be carried out only under the control of the growth rates.The doctor compares the results indicators of weight, with average growth statistics, and on this basis can make a finding of a disadvantage in child development.The main eating disorders include the following states:

  • malnutrition - the presence of underweight relative to the growth of the child
  • paratrofiya - the presence of excess body weight relative to the growth of the child

on indicators of weight and height is influenced by various factors, which include diseasesdigestive tract of the child, the deviations from the endocrine system, infectious diseases and many others.

During the measurement of the child doctor evaluates the results with the data of objective examination, which allows to conclude that the harmonious development of the child or of a deviation.

frequency of observation of the child set a physician to be able to estimate the speed, the pace of development of the child.In the case of the child's condition stable increase overall weight and growth performance corresponds to the age norm.There are cases of delayed or accelerated development that can be confirmed by analysis of all previous measurements of weight and height indicators.It can be difficult to say what should be the child's weight at 8 months or in another month, so it is advisable to adhere to an average of the individual approach to each child.

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