Terms of eruption of primary teeth - a reflection of the state of health of the child

timing of eruption of milk teeth appearance of the first milk teeth in a child is an important period, because it can reflect the state of his health.There are some averages that children should see his teeth.This figure is dynamic, as the timing of eruption of primary teeth that every child will be individually.On average, during the first six months should appear first pair of baby teeth.


What factors influence the timing teething

release date milk teeth allow largely to assess the state of health.Many diseases result from a later teething Teething: difficult time Teething: hard times , or vice versa, the first teeth appear early enough.There are cases when a child is born and he already has baby teeth.In this situation, it requires special attention and more in-depth examination of the child.

Late appearance of milk teeth, for example, after the first year of life, it should exclude the effect of the following factors:

  • poor nutrition, lack of entering the body of a child vitamin D
  • genetic predisposition

permissible if the timing of the eruption of primary teeth are different fromaverage indicators established only a few months.In other cases, the deviation from the indicators should attract the attention of specialists.

to delayed eruption of primary teeth can cause such diseases as rickets.It appears significant metabolic disorders, changes in mineral metabolism that occurs with a variety of clinical disorders.As predisposing factor in the development of rickets Rickets - all a matter of vitamins Rickets - all a matter of vitamins seen an increased need for vitamin D. The first signs of the disease can occur in the first month of life.Disorders of mineral metabolism lead to the fact that the terms of teething significantly slowed.


What is the cause of the early appearance of milk teeth

important to understand that the process of tooth formation begins during fetal development, when a woman is in the first trimester of pregnancy.Most often it is a term of seven to thirteen weeks.The activity of the mineralization of bone tissue is observed, on the contrary, in the third trimester.This is the period of active growth of the child, so he needs a lot of minerals and nutrients.Some women can watch the destruction of their own teeth as stores of calcium are consumed fruit.

Pregnant women should pay special attention to their nutrition, from this depends largely on the fact when the child first teeth erupt, and what is the quality of dental tissue.

If a child is born with milk teeth Milk teeth - how they are formed? Milk teeth - how they are formed? , it should be examined by a doctor of the endocrinologist.In some cases, this may be a manifestation of an endocrine pathology, the correction to be carried out since its detection.The same tactic is chosen, if the child's baby teeth have erupted during the first three months of life.If during the examination of the child will not be revealed deviations from normal functional condition of the body, this can be regarded as a variant of the norm or a specific feature of the child's body.

Besides timing of eruption of primary teeth, it is important to pay attention to the order of their appearance.The determining factor for the development of "a tooth disorder" is a hereditary factor.If the child's parents in childhood was marked wrong order of growth of the teeth, the child will have a high probability of occurrence of this kind of change.


On what terms should pay attention to the eruption

Possible terms of the appearance of the child's first teeth are approximate.There is a table that displays not only the timing and order of eruption of primary teeth order of eruption of primary teeth - a crucial period in the life of a child The order of eruption of primary teeth - a crucial period in the life of a child .Terms of eruption of primary teeth table shows the indicative figures, since each child there is a factor of heredity, there are substantial differences in the nature of power.

By the end of the first year of life of the child shall be eight incisors.Typically, the first appearance of the lower incisors takes place in a period of six to nine months.Then there is a second pair of incisors.The first year of life is characterized by the emergence of molars and canines.

If a child process of development takes place according to age, we can expect the emergence of a full series of baby teeth will happen to the age of 2-2.5 years.

used to be that when the later eruption of primary teeth should first rule out the presence of rickets.At this stage, the statement revised, it is believed that this pattern is observed in many children with normal development and absence of various metabolic disorders, mineral metabolism.The diagnosis of rickets in a similar situation sounds less and less.On this factor affects catering pregnant women receive comprehensive preparations of vitamins and minerals, as well as the prevention of rickets in infants.

For this reason, you should consult with your child to a specialist if the parents found too early, or, on the contrary, the late appearance of the teeth.It has been proven that affects the timing of teething even climatic conditions in which the child lives, the nature of drinking water.If the climate is hot, the teeth can appear earlier deadlines.It is not a statement or an axiom, but this fact exists, and take into account during the inspection of the child.

During the analysis of clinical cases, it was found that the defining moment for teething can be a time of year when the child was born.Children born in different seasons, have differences in terms of the onset of the first milk teeth.These features indicate the need for examination of the child, as well as a thorough collection of factors that will help determine the need for treatment.

Marina Solovyov