The order of eruption of primary teeth - a crucial period in the life of a child

order of eruption of milk teeth first year of life is the most responsible, including in terms of the appearance of milk teeth.This process can go without any complications, but in most cases the child is experiencing discomfort, pain becomes moody.Parents need patience, care and attention in such a difficult period.There is a scheme or procedure eruption of primary teeth, which indicates a number of teeth must be at a certain age of the child.


Existing laws in the teething

Milk teeth in children teeth in children - any abnormalities need treatment? The teeth in children - some abnormalities require treatment? appear on legitimate scheme, but it is an average, as to consider the individual characteristics of the organism.In each age period the child should be a certain number of teeth, and you can calculate this number based on the "rule of four".According to this rule must be subtracted from the number of four month old figure.

Following the eruption of the circuit, then to six months in the life of a child should be cut first pair of baby teeth or lower teeth (according to the rule of four is subtracted from the number 4 and 6 is obtained 2).And so the series can be calculated by the number of months the milk teeth.For example, by the age of one year should be cut four eight teeth on the upper and lower jaw.

On the question of how much milk teeth should erupt in the child, the answer also based on the "rule of four".This figure is equal to 20. Such a number of primary teeth appears to two years of a child's life.Out of order eruption of primary teeth in various diseases, therefore this figure can be seen as an important diagnostic criterion.It does not always adhere strictly to the terms of teething, especially since there are a child's body.


How is the process of teething

feels the child may significantly worsen when teething.The pain appears in the case where the tooth comes to the edge of the gums.Parents pay attention to the following clinical manifestations:

  • malaise, moodiness
  • sleep disturbance Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , insomnia
  • non-food
  • child pulls the cams, or other items, toys in the mouth

Mom feels that the child began to bite the breast during feeding.It is recommended at this time to give some cold, hard object such as a spoon or drying.

At the time of the eruption of the tooth is the development of a local inflammatory reaction in the gingiva (edema, swelling).As a result, developing temperature reaction, sometimes significant digits (38-38,5S).

activity occurs salivation.The child still does not know how to make swallowing movements, so saliva fills the mouth.For this reason, there is no pronounced analgesic effect in the treatment of gum special gels, they are mechanically washed away a lot of saliva.The child is recommended to give antipyretics, which are issued in the form of syrup.This form is convenient from the point of view of practical application.

Some teething symptoms coincide with symptoms of colds.Note the appearance of discharge from the nose, coughing, shortness of breath, pain with pressure on the ear.If the correct interpretation of objective data the doctor can determine the diagnosis and recommend the necessary amount of therapy.


Existing timing of eruption of primary teeth

standard term appearance of the first tooth is considered to be six months, but there may be cases of early or late eruption.Early in the considered period of three or four months, and later - eight months.Such fluctuations are possible, this feature should not be considered a deviation from the physiological state.

considered normal lag of several months from the established norm.

first central incisors appear alternately on the upper and lower jaw.Then there are the lateral incisors, in order of priority, which corresponds to the age of 9 to 12 months of life.Upon reaching the age of one year the child begin to erupt the molars, while he already has eight incisors.This pair of primary teeth (upper and lower molars small) may occur later, for example in the range from to 1.5 years.There is a second pair of molars that erupt at the age of 20-26 months of life.

for specialist terms, it is important to evaluate not the eruption, namely the order of eruption that is an indication of a pathological condition, if the baby teeth do not appear in sequence.Worthy of attention is the situation not only when the order is violated eruption, as well as the absence of any tooth.The tooth may appear outside the arc of the dentition or the formation of going wrong.In this situation, you should show the child pediatric dentist who can competently assess the nature of the changes.

normal to feel an asymmetrical arrangement of the milk teeth Milk teeth - how they are formed? Milk teeth - how they are formed? .Such a "disorder" in the oral cavity can be maintained until a complete closure of the dentition.It is not erupt first 16 milk teeth on such a state of primary teeth should not be paying attention.Subsequently, as chewing is "grinding" tooth surfaces, which leads to the restoration of the dentition.

In violation of the existing order in the child's teeth may erupt even before his birth.The child should be examined by a specialist, since in some cases, this condition is accompanied by complications of other organs and systems.If your child has a concomitant somatic pathology, we can expect that the process of teething Teething : difficult time Teething: hard times violation occurs, and the nature of the violations is different.

Marina Solovyov