Baby food - brewer's yeast: health and good spirits

Baby food - brewer theme quite relevant, although at first glance it sounds a little unusual and even paradoxical.However, very often the components that make up baby food, supplemented by substances contained in brewer's yeast.This combination makes this "alliance" is extremely important and surprisingly useful for the child's health.Modern innovative technologies allow baby food brewer's yeast Brewer's yeast and their therapeutic properties: an indispensable source of vitamins Brewer manufactured with excellent useful properties and taste.

baby food based on brewer's yeast

Baby food with brewer's yeast - a balanced set of natural proteins, minerals, vitamins and enzymes, creating stimulated the process of lysis (disintegration) of the protein into peptides and amino acids.This significantly reduces the absorption of nutrients in the blood.The process of assimilation takes place, at the same time with a minimum expenditure of energy that the child's body is very important.

Important is a method for producing dry beer yeast without the use of chemical additives.Natural yeast fungus subjected autolysate (self-disintegration) when heated to fifty degrees, whereby all the nutrients are more "free" at the cellular level.Then there is a further evaporation to give the powder humidity not more than ten percent.When this is fully maintained the original volume of culture component.

Autolysate brewer's yeast is used as the primary method for the manufacture of a wide range of children's food, especially fruit mousses.Their composition also includes natural dairy products as a mixture of whey powder and whole milk, juice.Such a product has twice the saturation vitamins, especially B, amino acids and trace elements such as iron, chromium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and manganese.

iron in the body of the child is very necessary element, which provides oxygen metabolism in tissues, and the development of activated cells and hematopoiesis.

Magnesium helps to stimulate the nervous system, expressed in the prevention of depression, fatigue, mental lethargy, lack of metabolic processes.

Potassium, like no other element is extremely necessary growing child.Thanks to him, normal activity of the cardiovascular system, supports normal acid-base and water-salt balance of the body.

mousse with orange banish colds

This mousse enhances immunity, prevents the accumulation of fat, improves metabolism and the body's resistance to external stimuli.

contains vitamins P and C, pectin and carotenoids that provide antimicrobial and antioxidant effects.Mousse expedient to apply for an ordinary food, as well as respiratory diseases, flu and flu.

mousse with blueberries cleanse the body

blueberry juice Benefits and harms of blueberries: the health of the forest Benefits and harms of blueberries: the health of the forest rich in pectin, contributing to the release of waste products from the bowel.Iron contained in the berries, actively absorbed by the presence of ascorbic acid in the mousse.Blueberry juice has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.

Anthocyanins contained in the juice dry, beneficial effect on the organs of vision, strengthen the retina of the eye, a positive effect on the capillaries, prevent eye fatigue and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

applesauce increase appetite

The mousse composition includes a lot of iron, which makes this product indispensable for the treatment of various types of anemia.Food helps to improve digestion, eliminate toxins from the body.

Apple juice is an intensification of separation of gall and gastric juice.It has antimicrobial properties.In addition, it prevents the formation of gallstones and bladder.An important element of pectin contained in apple juice, helps to remove heavy metals, cholesterol, reduces the absorption of fat.

How useful whey

Dry whey with regular use contain almost daily rate of calcium, so necessary for the growth of bones, teeth, hair and nails.Calcium is involved in the contraction of the heart muscles, affect hormones, enhances immunity is involved in the digestion of food.

also serum contains B vitamins Vitamin B1 improves the condition of the nervous system, B2 actively promotes cell respiration, regulates lipid metabolism B6, B12 is normal hematopoiesis, activates the carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

In addition, whey Whey: the benefits and harms of waste Whey: the benefits and harms of waste lot of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.Phosphorus, like calcium, actively promotes bone and magnesium strengthens blood vessels of the brain and replenishes energy reserves.

uniqueness of brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast is composed of protein, carbohydrates and a small amount of fat.The product contains the vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, PP, E, H and D, and minerals such as sulfur, selenium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus and zinc.

balanced composition of yeast promotes muscle growth, bone development of the central nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.It helps the proper functioning of the endocrine glands, stimulates the absorption of a number of essential elements involved in the biochemical processes of the growing organism.Improves digestion, metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting and intestinal permeability.

Brewer's yeast activate cell growth, the formation of the brain and stimulate intellectual development of the child, provide the body with extra energy.Composition actively promotes skeletal and reproductive organs.

Eating a product based on brewer's yeast is extremely useful.However, be sure to need to consult a pediatrician.In the presence of chronic kidney disease in the child, and are hypersensitive to any substance, which is part of the preparation, you must refrain from the use of this food.

Nelly Ryabinin