What a child should be able to 2 months - the first stages of development

that the child should be able to 2 months difficult first two months of a child's life have passed, the parents, to the extent possible, accustomed to the routine of a new member of the family, and have already begun to notice the baby's personality traits: what they like, dislike, becausethen he begins to cry, how long calms, and so on.What a child should be able to 2 months?

By the time the baby is two months, your efforts to care for them can be rewarded with the first toothless smile, you certainly will never forget.However, it could happen later in the third month of life - in most cases that the child has not begun to smile in two months, is not a cause for concern.



By the end of the second month of life, the child can clearly see, on average, 45 cm forward (infants see only about twenty centimeters), and get to know people whom he sees often and startstake an interest in relatively distant objects.Moreover, if before his attention is best kept simple, one- and two-color items, he now pays attention to objects, more complex shapes and colors.It can also keep an eye out for moving subjects, if they are bright and are close enough to him.

Give your child the opportunity to examine and touch all sorts of things: now entering the most important phase of his study of the world.



In total, two-month babies sleep between fifteen and sixteen hours a day.If your child is two months at least sometimes sleeps the whole night, you - one of the lucky few.Most children at this age are still wake up several times at night to eat.This is especially true of children who are breastfed - they wake up, on average, once every three hours.But gradually the periods of wakefulness and sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams extended, and soon you will probably work out at least occasionally sleep more than three or four hours.

In two months you can start to teach a child to fall asleep on their own, rather than in the hands of the parent.

To do this, put him to bed as soon as he became sleepy, not when he had fallen into a deep sleep.At first it might displease the child, but he gradually gets used to sleep in his bed.

Do not forget that you need to put the baby to sleep on his back - it reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - the cause has not yet been found Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - the cause has not yet been found .


motor skills

two-month baby is much better than before, keep your head when lying on his stomach, or if one of the adults support his back.It can actively waving his arms and legs, to study their own hands, trying to snap your fingers parents.As before, the baby lacks everything that falls into his hands, but it is only a manifestation of grasping reflex - until the age of 3-5 months, the child will begin to miss the subjects at random.

At this age, is already as much as possible to put the baby on her stomach, putting next to him a few toys, and give him the opportunity to move freely.Coordination of movements of the child is not yet developed enough that he could really play with toys, but he was trying to reach out to all the bright objects that notice.



to two months are usually the parents already know where the child is in any other way says, "Yes, I like it", "I'm tired," "I'm hungry", and so on.Usually, children of this age are signs of interest straight look in the face of the parents (or for which the child is studying), slow, flowing movements with his hands and feet, a smile, trying to reach out to the parents hands.If a child, for whatever reason, feels uncomfortable, he turns away and / or looks away, cries, arches his back or pushes away toys or other items that it shows, his breathing quickens, he yawns and frowns.Besides, he already knows how to react in a certain way on the behavior of adults - respond to a smile a smile, and begin to act up if parents have a bad mood, or they are doing something that he does not like.

Two-month children actively listen when talking to them, and watch the movements of the lips adult.

They also begin to pronounce the individual sounds, most often - the vowels.This stage of pre-speech development in children called Gulen;it goes up to 5-7 months, followed by a stage of babbling.When a child says so, pay attention to where he was looking - perhaps it tells you about some object or person.When adults simulate sounds spoken by the child, it is usually enthusiastically they correspond.



child in two months recognized the voice of loved ones and other sounds that are heard often enough.He also turns to loud noises, and shows due to unexpected new sounds curiosity or fear.



children around the age of two months may be arbitrarily sucking her thumb when for any reason under stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? - so they soothe themselves, at least for a while.Instead own fingers child can use for this purpose a pacifier, fingers parents Area blankets, and so on.