The first teeth of the child - a significant date in its development

the child first baby teeth appear after six months.They can be cut as in 6 and 8-9 months - all included in the standard.Terms teething Teething: difficult time Teething: hard times depend on the time of year, baby food, as well as his hereditary characteristics.In any case, the time for the parents the first teeth of the child - this time, alarms, sleepless nights and joyful expectation.


appearance of the first tooth in a child

Bookmark teeth occurs in utero, about 6 weeks of pregnancy.At the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy (15 weeks) beginning to form the hard tissue of the tooth - first dentin, enamel and then.And from the third trimester of pregnancy, gradually formed permanent teeth.A child is born with 36 teeth follicles, ie on each jaw of the child to 18 follicles are present: 10 time (4 incisors, 2 canines, 2 of the first large molars - molars, second molars 2) and 8 permanent (4 incisors, 2 canines,2 of the first large molars - molars).

At birth, the baby has a slight hypoplasia of the mandible.However, the structure of the mouth allows him to make effective sucking movements.It is these movements allow the final form of the lower jaw.

first teeth in children teeth in children - any abnormalities need treatment? The teeth in children - some abnormalities require treatment? appear in 6-8 months, but sometimes later.

teething delay is not always linked to some kind of pathology - teeth erupt later than normal children during the cold season.In addition, delayed eruption of teeth may be hereditary feature.

development of roots of deciduous teeth Milk teeth - how they are formed? Milk teeth - how they are formed? begins shortly before the eruption of the crown, this time almost completely formed.The first tooth in a child - it is usually central incisor on the lower jaw, for it is usually immediately erupt second central incisor.In some children the first teeth erupt in the upper jaw - that's fine.The first molars in children - are the first molars, they are laid in utero and erupt just after first year on the lower jaw, and then on top.

total of 20 milk teeth, that's the order of their eruption:

  • central incisors in the lower jaw in 6-8 months;
  • central incisors in the upper jaw in 7-9 months;
  • lateral incisors on the lower jaw of 8-10 months;
  • lateral incisors in the upper jaw in 9-12 months;
  • first molars in the upper jaw - in 12-14 months;
  • first molars in the lower jaw - 14-16 months;
  • teeth on the upper jaw - 16-18 months;
  • teeth on the lower jaw - 18-20 months;
  • second molars in the upper jaw - 20-25 months;
  • second molars in the lower jaw - 25-30 months.


How are the first baby teeth

After the first teeth of enamel maturation occurs.A special role in this is played by saliva, which promotes mineralization of hard tissue of teeth.Lots of teeth weaker lapped saliva are less mineralized, they tend to dissolve.After the eruption of the tooth enamel it under the action of saliva gradually covered by a thin protein-carbohydrate film (pellicle) that protects the teeth and simultaneously involved in the regulation of permeability of enamel.

pellicle is deposited on the surface of soft plaque - bacterial deposits (plaque) is yellowish-white color, composed of bacteria, they produce acids and alkalis that break down tooth enamel.Mineralization of teeth (enamel saturation with minerals, mainly calcium) ends 3.5-4 years.With five years begins resorption of roots of deciduous teeth.

Temporary teeth are different size, shape and color.They are smaller than permanent teeth, a convex crown, and a milky bluish color.Between the teeth usually have gaps - this is normal, allowing to grow the jaw bone.Over time, cutting surfaces and mounds of milk teeth start to wear off.


How to clean the first teeth baby

soft plaque, which appears on the first baby teeth should be removed.To do this, brush your teeth twice a day and rinse your mouth after every meal - it is enough to give the child a drink of water.

start brushing teeth How to brush your teeth: interesting facts How to brush your teeth: interesting facts need since their eruption.

first time baby teeth cleaned using a silicone brush, put on the finger of the adult, and 10-12 months, you can already enjoy a special children's toothbrush.You can also brush your teeth with a clean cloth, not too pressing on the teeth without damaging the gums.Toothpastes, the better not to use it.

To a child's teeth were strong, up to a year it should not be given sweets.The child's diet should be administered enough fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh juices, dairy products.

first teeth of the child must annually inspect children's dentist who promptly detect all possible violations of the teeth and take the necessary measures for the treatment and prevention of complications.

Galina Romanenko