What should be the newborn for the first time - for the hospital and for home

you need the newborn for the first time What should be the newborn for the first time - is a question that always arises when a baby comes into the world.The abundance of goods for children creates a problem with the selection: not everyone can be separated from those necessary things, without which it is possible to do.This usually requires two sets of things: to the hospital and those who need after discharge home.


What things require the newborn in the hospital

Most maternity hospitals for the care of newborn Newborn care: ten reasons for concern (which is not necessary to worry Newborn care: ten reasons for concern (which is not necessary to worry recommend to buy a certain set of objects. But there aresuch hospital, which for this purpose are used only their own, usually sterile items to bring things from home is prohibited. Therefore, what and how much to bring, you should check with the medical staff.

standard set for a newborn who is in the hospital, as follows:

  • 10 and 10 thin flannel diapers - in the hospital not do without them;
  • 3 and 3 thin flannel vests;
  • 3-4 slider (but not necessarily in most maternity hospitals prefer diapers);
  • 2 thinand warm bonnet;
  • 2-3 pair of thin cotton socks and warm knit 1;
  • package of diapers, the weight of the child;
  • Bottles with dummy for human milk (maybe the doctor will recommend to finish feeding the baby).


What newborn need after discharge from the hospital

From furniture child require a crib and changing table:

  • bed can be any, mattresses and pillows for the beds need to choose a flat, hard enough;space for crib should be away from the window and the front door;all linens before they lay a bed should be washed (dried better in the air) and proglazheno two sides iron;
  • changing table changing table - facilitate the care of the baby Changing table - facilitate the care of the baby can also choose any - it all depends on the size of the room and financial capacity;ideal changing table with drawers, which will be composed of warm and thin diapers, undershirts, hats and nappies or diapers, products for skin care;for this purpose it can also be adapted to any table, but it should be to lay the oilcloth, which then need to be carefully processed.

From care items for the newborn require:

  • bath - you can buy most ordinary bath without any accessories;while bathing adult with one hand support the baby's head and back, and the other washes;but today a lot of accessories is available to facilitate this process - from the hills to the specialized support networks - as far as they are necessary to solve the parents;
  • bathing water thermometer and room thermometer to measure the temperature in the room;
  • children gel bathing;baby soap;
  • sponge from natural algae or flannel;
  • baby cream to lubricate the skin folds after bathing;can be replaced by any boiled vegetable oil in a sterile (also boil) vial;baby powder;
  • scissors with rounded tips - nail clippers;
  • steam sterilizer for bottles (even breastfeeding bottle may be necessary);
  • 1-2 bottle nipples;
  • sterile bandages and cotton wool, cotton buds.

newborn also need linens (all linens perestirat child or children's soap detergent, dry and iron the iron on both sides):

  • 24 thin diapers, diaper 24 (if you do not plan to use disposable diapers), and 12 flannel diapers;
  • 6-8 raspashonok and sliders;they can be replaced or body jumpsuit with zipper front (slips);All these things must be made from natural fabrics;slip can be a good and very convenient to replace the vests and sliders, because as a newborn would not move arms and legs, he will always be clothed, not naked back, did not get off into a ball;slip must be selected by size, or a newborn from a simple slip;you can not buy a slip, which is worn over the head;easy to slip on and off, which is also important, because the child has to change clothes up to 10-15 times a day;
  • 3-4 thin and warm bonnet;Outdoor - warm hat;
  • 2-3 pair of thin cotton socks and 1-2 pairs of warm (or booties);
  • 2 thin flannel blanket and one warm;
  • special children oilcloth on textile basis;
  • package of diapers, the weight of the child;
  • package of disposable diapers - they are convenient to spread child during air baths.

Today at the store you can buy everything you need to newborn.In shops, there is also a lot of extra, intensively advertised items.Before the parents will be a difficult choice, so you should make a list in advance of necessary things and not go beyond it.

Galina Romanenko