Blue Milk: Is it a problem?

Blue milk often hear from a woman in her milk blue, so she fears they feed the baby, or is afraid that the child does not feels full.This concern is shared by my grandmother, advising feed the baby "normal" cow's milk or porridge.Mothers do as they want, either listen to seniors, resulting in a very fast stop breastfeeding completely, or start looking for the answer on the Internet and ask experts on breastfeeding mothers at such a child is nursed to a year or longer.What is better for the child and what the "blue milk"?

value of human milk

compare a woman with a cow is considered a sign of bad taste - it is insulting and indecent, and replace human milk cow is quite possible - there is this kind of discrepancy.Cow's milk is designed to feed the calves and milk is intended for women to feed their children a person - it is an axiom!It is proved that the particular species of mammal milk contains all the necessary nutrients and ingredients in order to fully implement the program of development of this particular species of mammals.Man is no exception.

Human milk is responsible for fine differentiation of brain neurons, which ensures the formation of a high level of perception of the world.No wonder the Chinese emperors to six years fed human milk.Of course, baby, milk-fed animals will survive, because there are even cases of real Mowgli, reared by dogs or wild animals - from this, they do not cease to be human.Of great importance for the development of a child's personality and social environment, but we must not forget the saying: "We are the - what we eat."

vitamins, trace elements and factors of immune protection, which in large quantities are found in human milk, are invaluable to the child, directly affecting its immunity Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults .Skewed towards a mixed and artificial feeding of previous generations, breastfeeding during the first day, but not immediately after birth - is this not because of the enormous amount of allergic diseases that swept the world that are not found in wild civilizations, women are just as fed,as programmed by nature.

composition of human milk

When one says the word "milk", of course, it is a glass of cow's milk - is standardperception.What is cow's milk?Every woman knows that good milk has a rich white, yellowish in color, and "blue" milk of lower quality, they skim.But a rare modern woman milking a cow, and he knows that milk from the cow's udder and flows unevenly - the thick milk is released at the end of milking.With a woman - the same thing, only more milk - human, specially designed by nature to bring up a human child.

Immediately after the baby is born, the milk from the mother's breast is released in small quantities and has a yellow color, in essence it is not the milk and colostrum - a concentrate of mineral and nutrients for a child who is unable to eat much, butIt receives all the necessary components for its growth and development.

takes several days (individually each mother), and colostrum is gradually transformed into the familiar white milk.A child grows and changes the composition of human milk, corresponding to each period of the child's growth.When the mother's milk enough pushing on his chest before feeding the baby Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice , you may find that secrete milk almost transparent, with a bluish tinge.Such find moms scare when in fact nothing serious.Just released a first liquid portion of milk with lots of galactose, which the child can quickly suck and quench their thirst and hunger first, and then the milk begins to flow more dense, with an increased amount of fat.You can easily verify this fact, express milk before feeding and after.The first drops are transparent bluish, and the last white-yellowish.Two servings of milk is equally important for the development of the child.