Dowry for a newborn: what you need and what you can do without?

layette for newborn birth of the baby - an important event in the family, which they say made carefully.And if earlier superstitious parents were afraid to buy something for the baby in advance, now a dowry for the newborn is usually purchased in advance.However, many parents complain that acquire too many things without which could well do without.


Advertising and common sense

Previous generations of women, even in their wildest dreams could not imagine how in the early twenty-first century will be in shops of goods for mothers and babies.It seems that the new products for babies there every day and never tired of the ubiquitous advertising to persuade young mothers in the fact that certain products are vital to the happiness of their children.

Pregnant women and new mothers are usually very suggestible.And if the first pregnancy, the impact and the lack of experience: to convince women that their child is vital to this or that detail, is a snap.And those willing to use the sellers of goods for children.The result is predictable: to buy a lot of things without which a child could easily do without.All of these things just take up space in the apartment and forced to regret the money spent in vain.

better not to succumb to the tricks sellers and advance a list of products that will truly need child.This list is great, but not infinite, it contains only the most important.The rest will be re-buy then, after the birth of a baby when his needs will become apparent.


Large purchases

So, without which the baby can not do from the very first days of his life?

  • stroller.When buying a wheelchair is necessary to pay attention to its security, continuity, agility and weight.The latter is especially important for those who live in houses without elevators - other models of strollers are not so easy to climb the stairs.Some strollers have detachable cradle that can be used as a car seat.Do without wheelchair unlikely, even if the parents are planning to carry a baby in a sling;
  • crib.No cribs do also almost impossible.Basic requirements for such furniture - security and reliability.There are many models of beds, some of them can last up to four years old child, while others are suitable only for children.Along with the crib mattress is purchased, it is advisable to choose a hard one side and softer on the other.In the first year of life the baby is sleeping on the hard side.Also suitable protective bumpers of soft tissue and, of course, linens and blankets.Do not do without oilcloth;
  • Seat.It is necessary that if you plan to periodically carry a child in the car.Sometimes the car seat can be used crib stroller-transformer;
  • Sling.Today more and more mothers are children in a sling.These devices is desirable to buy or sew yourself in advance;
  • changing table.In fact, you can use ordinary table, putting on him a folded thin blanket.Yet a special changing table changing table - facilitate the care of the baby Changing table - facilitate the care of the baby more comfortable and safe.Instead, the table can be used swaddling board, which is installed on the bed - these boards take up little space and are inexpensive.


clothing and supplies

When buying clothes you need to focus on the season: winter baby hardly useful sleeveless undershirts, and in summer there is no need to buy a warm suit.In any case, you need to purchase:

  • 4-8 raspashonok of fine cotton with a zip (buttons) on the front;
  • 2-3 warm blouse;
  • 2-3 bonnet;
  • 1-2 caps for walks;
  • 2-4 pairs of socks;
  • 1-2 thin pair of gloves that the baby could not accidentally scratch themselves;
  • Envelope for walks or seasonal clothing.The envelope is considered to be a practical option;
  • 2-4 pairs of sliders.When using a disposable diaper that this amount will be sufficient.If you use the "old-fashioned" diapers, the number of sliders to be significantly more;
  • 6-10 large thin diapers and 4-6 warm flannel diaper.In the first month of life, many babies sleep better if they are swaddled.Later on diapers can be dispensed with, unless you plan to use disposable diapers;Diapers
  • the smallest size;
  • scissors with blunt ends;
  • Tray;
  • Thermometer for water;
  • Cotton sticks;
  • Wet baby wipes;
  • cream under a diaper;
  • Oil after bathing;
  • Comb with a soft bristle brush;
  • plastic bottle with a nipple safe.To begin with, only one bottle - just in case.Buy a large number of bottles does not make sense if you plan to breastfeed.


without which you can do

Some parents make purchases simply by inertia: they often do not want any child or adult.Some little things can improve the life of the baby, but if the extra money in the family is not present, a number of shopping, you can safely give up:

  • pillow baby the first year is not necessary: ​​pediatricians strongly recommend to lay the baby on a firm and level surface to avoid the risk of suddeninfant death.You should also give up the lush quilts and blankets;
  • Baby Monitor - a handy thing if the big house, and my mother could not hear the squeak of the baby from another room.But if the mother and all the time is near the crumbs, then this gadget is not necessary;
  • bottle warmers.It is obvious that the device need only babies bottle-fed.Crumbs that mother breastfeeds, no heaters are not necessary;
  • Mobil on the bed.A good thing, but it is simply a newborn does not appreciate.It is better to wait until the crumb will grow;
  • Libra.We need not so much a kid as my mother, if she is not sure that enough milk, and the child is gaining weight.Scales advisable to rent than to buy, because the need for them arises far not at all, and usually only for a short while.

Maria Bykov