Baby puree: dessert for your baby

baby puree child first year of life at a certain stage of development, in addition to breast milk or infant formula Dairy mixture - selection of the useful power Dairy mixture - selection of useful power required and many other substances, especially minerals and carbohydrates, which are notso much in human breast milk.A demand for such substances is large due to the fact that the child is growing, and at the same time improving its metabolism.

Baby fruit puree

Baby fruit puree is introduced into the diet of a child in 3.5-4 months (by this time the child is about two weeks gets fruit juice).Certainly, it is better to use a ready-made mashed potatoes in jars for baby food.So you can be sure that the child with the mashed potatoes will not get any poisonous substances, which are currently used for growing fruit and berries.

All baby food that is sold in our stores and in pharmacies, subject to strict controls and can be quite sure of its good qualities.But the taste is different at different firms.So do not be surprised if your little one will prefer some company, for example, "Agusha", "Nestle" or "Babushkino basket."At first, try to choose a single component mash, for example, apple.It was only when the child tries several types of mashed different fruits can be mixed to give mashed potatoes, for example, apple and pear.Strictly follow the recommendations for the child's age, you can make this sauce, the manufacturer indicated on the jar.

But if you are confident that in the fruit there is no toxic substances (for example, if the apples from your garden and in your area there are no industrial enterprises with toxic waste), it is possible to cook fruit pulp itself, it needs to clean up the apple andscrape the flesh sharp edge teaspoon.

starting to give fruit puree, remember that you can enter only one kind of mashed potatoes (for example, applesauce, a particular company or a home-cooked mashed and fromOne of the varieties of apples).This rule must be observed from the fact that the child can begin allergy if given different kinds puree, then it will be difficult to determine for a child product is so responsive.

first time should be given half a teaspoon of fruit puree after feeding the baby Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice feeding.Giving puree needed in the same time, for example, 14 hours (pyatirazovoe feeding four hours), then it will be easier to attach to it after a while even a vegetable puree.Gradually, during the week (if the child is not worried, he does not have a rash) can reach a tablespoon.By 5-6 months (since the introduction of the first feeding in the form of vegetable puree), the child will receive 30 g of fruit puree (1.5 tablespoons).

Baby vegetable puree

If the fruit puree was just a snack, the vegetable puree is the proud title of the first feeding.When breastfeeding vegetable puree start giving 5-6 months in artificial and mixed feeding - two weeks earlier.

Purée called the first lure introduce solid foods - how not to be mistaken with a choice of products? Introduce solid foods - how not to be mistaken with a choice of products? , as it begins to displace breast milk.His usually give 14 hours at a five-time feeding.The first time is given half teaspoon and gradually this week, you can get to 30 g, and a month - up to 150, during the first feeding of solid foods introduced, and then given a breast.At the same feeding the child will receive and fruit puree.Although the latter is not necessarily a fruit puree can be moved to another time.

to vegetable puree to the same requirements as to the fruit: the preference should be given to prepare the feed.Better to start with easily digestible mash, such as squash, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage.And, of course, vegetable purees first have to be one-component mixtures can be given only once to know exactly what the child is not allergic to these products.All jars of baby food sure is written, what age you can give your child.

You can cook vegetable soup and independently of the same zucchini or potatoes.To do this, the potatoes are cleaned, cut into pieces, cook, rub through a sieve (if mash with a fork, then there may be lumps and choke a child), to dissolve some water, which boiled potatoes, again, put on fire and bring to a boil.Once the mash has cooled, it can be given to the child.Approximately two weeks later, when the child normally brings puree, you can add a little butter or oil.

And only after you have completed the one kind of vegetable puree (eg potatoes), you can gradually start to introduce other, adding it to the first.

child starts receiving complementary foods, and it gradually leads to a restructuring of the work of his digestive tract.The first solid foods - this is the first step to nutritious food and receiving solid food.

Galina Romanenko