Dairy food for children - how is it different from an adult?

dairy food children For a child up to a year is the best form of nutrition - breast milk.But it so happens that from the first days of life breast-feeding Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice breast impossible for various reasons.In this case, to the aid of a special infant formula, which can be prepared by yourself at home, and can be produced on a dairy kitchen.After some time here you will get for your baby and other products necessary for its proper development.

History infant kitchens

history of children's dairy kitchens starts with the beginning of the last century, when in 1901 at the initiative of Russian society escort of public health in the St. Petersburg city shelter for premature infants was organized point "A drop of milk."In 1904 in St. Petersburg it opened the Central Station for the preparation and receipt of milk for the children, where the milk is transported by pharmacies, where his mother received a special medical certificate.But widespread "drop of milk" is not received.

After the revolution, dairy dishes began to organize in the baby clinic.The main objectives is to help dairy dishes pediatrician for feeding both healthy and sick infants, toddlers service as catering.A major role in preserving the life and health of children cuisine dairy played in the Great Patriotic War.At railway stations and docks water transport, where there were dairy food, for evacuated children preparing infant formula Dairy mixture - selection of the useful power Dairy mixture - selection of useful power and other baby food.

After the war, infant kitchens in special workshops preparing baby milk (including dairy) mixture, cottage cheese and some other dietary foods for children under one year, packaged juices, fruit and vegetable purees.But over time, dairy food were allowed to give parents the products produced in the factory.It radically changed their function: most dairy kitchens stopped making its products and actually began to serve as distribution points.

Even today, in some regions, there are still real dairy kitchens that prepare children yogurt, cottage cheese and some other products.

Products baby milk kitchens

Children dairy food produces high quality dairy products for children aged up to two years.All products comply with sanitary norms and rules, shelf life is not more than a day, so that it can be consumed even newborns.

So what products are children's dairy kitchens different from factory production, including the child nutrition?First of all, in that it is prepared from whole natural milk, but not powder.The second difference - is a complete absence of preservatives and special treatment: for example, for children's yogurt Yogurt: benefits and harms drink centenarians Yogurt: benefits and harms drink centenarians simply added to milk yeast.The same thing happens with the preparation of cheese.For its preparation is also used fresh milk and dairy products are not defective, harmless substance is added to curd and whey is separated.The shelf life of such products speaks for itself: it is equal to one day.

Factory children's dairy products, for example, the products of the company "Agusha" differ from their own products dairy cuisine that for longer storage uses a special heat treatment, and this leads to the loss of a number of nutrients.Therefore, the validity of these products for about two weeks.

So is there today, infant food?

In most regions of their long gone, and baby milk kitchen turned into a warehouse of finished products.But do not stock a lot of work, because children's products must be stored properly, but where is the guarantee that the usual shops to comply with all the rules of storage?Here we are working on receiving and order picking to distribution points, organized in the dairy kitchen.Therefore, infant food, even after their conversion into the baby food items needed.

In big cities, infant food today often turn into a problem: in order to save the authorities are trying to reduce their number, because of what the parents have to several times a week to go to other areas of the food and stand in long lines there.

But not everywhere is related to the dairy food, some cities continue to operate the former dairy plant kitchens, and children are the real fresh dairy products.So, baby milk food Irkutsk - a production facility with modern equipment and with a planned capacity of 25 thousand plates per shift, consisting of a line of development of fermented milk products (8 titles) and workshops for the production of sterile milk and curds.

Dairy kitchen for children - it is a guarantee of proper nutrition Proper nutrition - basic precepts of healthy food Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food infants.

Galina Romanenko