Prejudices about breastfeeding children older than one year: what psychologists say

breastfed children older than one year Many mothers, focusing on the dissemination of information on what the right breast feeding lasts up to one year, complete breastfeed her child was by this time.There are several prejudices regarding breastfeeding Breastfeeding: Breast - and no nails! Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails! children over the years, but they are refuted by studies of modern doctors and psychologists.

Children breastfed for a long time, long become independent

Currently supported by studies in psychology that children whose parents are trying to keep a child in the crib, and often take less hands are afraid of communicatingwith the outside world.Subsequently, they have long needed support from outsiders, because the world seems hostile to them.

Children are often long at a young age are on the hands, pat, breastfed grow more self-reliant and independent.They are not afraid of the world, they consider it a favor to yourself.

two to three years, children do not remember, and surrounding imprint.Breastfeeding ensures a long body and psychological contact with the child's mother that the best way to influence the formation of the child's personality.

mother's milk for the baby, the older useless

Human milk is not subject to standardization.It is not only different in different women, but also the same woman in different periods.Immediately after birth, a woman's breasts produce colostrum - a thick clear fluid that provides high-calorie food and neonatal immunity Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults .Then the mother's milk helps the child in the formation of the digestive system, helping to move the normal microflora in the gut.

In the first year of life, breast milk - it's mostly food, but gradually it begins to perform other functions.For example, the child gives the necessary antibodies Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity Antibodies - "soldiers : sick baby suckles, the mother's blood to receive information about his disease.Female body produces antibodies required child and transmits them to the milk.Through this mechanism, the children were breast-fed get sick more easily recover faster.

Prolonged breastfeeding is harmful to the child's development

Child development depends on many factors, among which there are both genetic and phenotypic.Responsible parents do their best to cultivate a child's positive qualities and neutralize the negative.

breastfeeding helps teach a child discipline, as he quickly realizes that there is a time when you can ask the chest, and there are times when you do not have to do this - for example, for a walk or a party.Awareness of the concept of "no" in the event of prolonged breast-feeding for the child goes smoothly, which is a very important aspect of creating a positive psycho child.These children respond to the bans adequately, knowing that this is not disastrous and transient.

Feeding a child over the year-feeding prevents the formation of normal digestion

Children over the year to actively try new foods, and that is how they will learn how to move, continue to explore the world of tastes, poisoning, or being exposed to the threat of infectious diseases.

Therefore, the role of breast milk at this age it is difficult to overestimate.Mother's milk - a unique food, digested a hundred percent.Also human milk nutritional function acts as a regulator of intestinal microflora.When introducing a new product or an accidental poisoning, mother's milk - an indispensable diet, which quickly and accurately restores digestion.

Woman prolonged breastfeeding the child has health problems

Lactation is a factor inhibiting release of an egg from the ovary.In this way, the probability of getting pregnant breastfeeding women below.This is not a pathological condition and does not require correction.

Many women are afraid of the fact of a possible loss of tone breast feeding, especially long-term.However, on the contrary, is prolonged breast feeding is usually returned to prenatal condition.No need to forcibly stop lactation, as in this case, stretched breast tissue does not have time to recover.But dokarmlivaya child up to two or three years, the chest naturally produces less milk, and its tissues are gradually returning to its original form.

After a woman stops breastfeeding, she is losing weight.The fact that the body reserves a liquid feeding woman to always have the possibility of producing milk.When breastfeeding stops - need no liquid left.

Prolonged breastfeeding does not lead to premature aging.Hair loss and tooth decay easily prevented by proper nutritious meals and taking appropriate vitamins and minerals.

Svetlana Shimkovich