Expressing breast milk - when it is really necessary?

Expressing breastmilk no better way to soothe a crying baby than to put his chest.The change is magical: the baby calms down quickly and busily starts to suckle, sometimes short-lived, but it is enough for him to feel the atmosphere of comfort and security.Therefore, breastfeeding is so necessary for the baby.

How to breastfeed

Today, the basic rules of feeding a child Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice breast completely revised in favor of a natural, adjusted for millennia rhythm feeding "on demand".The advantage of such a feed is that it helps to normalize the functioning of the central nervous system (CNS) of the child, and therefore all organs and tissues, as they develop "led" CNS.It calms the baby breastfeeding, gives him a sense of comfort and security, so in the first months of life is so important to put most of his chest.

second no less important reason for feeding "on demand" is the regulation of education at such feeding of breast milk.The amount of its allocated on the basis of how much is required for a child.If during the day the baby sucked all the milk, then the next day it will be the amount, if lower, the decrease.

In the first two months, a small child can be applied to the chest up to 12 times or more.Over time, he sucks the more milk at each feeding and breaks between feedings are also becoming larger.By 4-6 months (since the introduction of complementary foods first) child already maintains the interval between feedings to 3-3.5 hours.

Should I ever express breast

With proper feeding pumping milk is only required in special cases.Nature has arranged the woman's body so that the amount allocated to breast milk depends on the needs of the child and governed by its appetite: the greater the suck, the more will come.

But in some cases, the procedure of pumping is still necessary: ​​

  • if the mother and child are separated from each other in relation to health;In this case, only the regular thorough pumping breast milk to 8-10 times a day for 10-15 minutes to help a woman maintain lactation;
  • if mothers want to get away somewhere for a few hours;
  • if postpartum women quickly began to arrive milk and formed a stagnation of milk (lactostasis) - in this case the pumping is not fully carried out, and to improve the condition of the woman, or the milk will continue to come and lactostasis lactostasis - stagnation of milk in the mammary gland Lactostasis - stagnation of milk in the mammary gland skyrocket;
  • if the child for health reasons in the early days of sucks a little milk and a number of his starts to decrease - Policy Pay pumping 5-6 times a day.

How to express breast milk

express breast milk can be manually or using a breast pump.Before decanting need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, prepare a sterile container (if the milk is useful for a child) and the chest running water to wash without soap, rinsing and then boiled.Before decanting can not lubricate the nipples with a cream or ointment.

Currently pumping breast milk is often done using breast pumps.To this end, a variety of models are available breast pumps - from the simple hand (for example, with a rubber bulb) to sophisticated electric (as in battery-powered and working on the network).Pumping is carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions supplied.

Hand expression is carried out in the following way: you have to take a comfortable position to relax and unwind;Only after that the thumb and forefinger grasp the nipple a few inches from the tip, and then gently press and slide your fingers toward the nipple;when in this place the milk has ended, the fingers are shifted and the procedure is carried out again, and so repeatedly until all tanks is around the nipple and milk will not be emptied;the total duration of a procedure full manual breast pump - 10-15 minutes, in fact, the procedure may last less, it all depends on the purpose for which Policy Pay racking.

How to store and use expressed breast milk

Breast milk can be stored for a long time, since it has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.To express it better in a sterile glass or plastic (designed for baby food) dishes.

Breast milk contains a lot of fat, so of bottle as it is rapidly becoming a multi-layer view - it should not scare as stirring milk again becomes uniform.

Breast milk is stored at room temperature for 6 hours in a refrigerator - two days in the freezer a conventional refrigerator - 1-2 weeks after deep freezing - up to three months.

to use your milk, it is necessary to heat up.To do this, a bottle of breast milk is placed in a bowl with hot water and periodically shaken.Breast milk should not be heated over an open fire in the microwave oven.

Remember, proper breastfeeding "on demand" - a self-regulating system that does not involve pumping.Expressing required only in extreme situations.

Galina Romanenko