Infant Slings: a godsend for active moms

  • Infant Slings: a boon for moms of active
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Slings for newborns Modern parents when buying a dowry for the baby are increasingly looking to acquire such a convenient and practical devices such as Sling.Slings Infant allow mothers to reconcile the irreconcilable: to constantly be with the baby, and at the same time to be active.In addition, the use of slings can and loving fathers.


Where did slings

In the modern form of slings appeared recently, but these devices have been used by women since ancient times.In those days, no one has provided maternity leave for young mothers, and they had to engage in normal work in the first weeks after the birth of the baby.Women came out of the situation is simple: wear baby with you everywhere.So to this day received the representatives of many nations of Asia and Africa, as well as Gypsies.

In the mid-twentieth century, the study of life in Uganda revealed that African babies from poor families in the first year of life significantly outperform their European peers in development.Then the kids take revenge from Europe thanks to the various achievements of civilization, but the younger the child, the more different indicators.

Further studies have shown that babies in Uganda will develop due to the fact that their mothers always carry children along.While European children lie in the crib, stroller or playpen, babies in Africa are always together with her mother, hear her voice and watching what is happening around.It is known that young children there is no sense of time, and my mother is away for a moment, the baby is frightened, believing that left him forever.Africa's children are free from such experiences: their mother is always close.As a result, kids grow calm.And the abundance of experience developing all the senses of the child, resulting in the acceleration of both physical and mental development.


Love and Freedom

has long been proven that a baby can not "spoil", and to spoil, if you ever take him up.Furthermore, regular contact with adults is very useful for the baby.Child psychologists for many years calling for increasingly embracing children, including very young, often taking their arms more to be near.

Most mothers try to follow these tips, but often it does not lead to the results that are expected.Constant carrying a baby in her arms to the detriment of other cases often leads to the fact that mothers appear neuroses.Young women think that now their whole life - baby service, and to meet their own needs has neither the time nor the energy.Not everyone can afford the services of housekeepers, and undone chores cause new mothers feeling of guilt.Often, negative feelings and slopped on the child, which is not conducive to the emergence of trust and close relationship with him.

Sling becomes a real salvation in such a situation.You can simultaneously be with child, and lead an active life.You can show love for tiny creatures and at the same time enjoy the freedom.Moreover, unlike the baby carrier, sling allows to combine the seemingly incompatible, from the first weeks of life baby.


Sling or "kangaroo»

Kangaroo rucksack to carry babies appeared in the twentieth century.In fact, these devices perform the same functions as slings, ie free the hands of parents, while providing the child close contact with mom or dad.His fans there like slings and backpacks have, but most experts believe that for infants preferably still slings.

This is due to the anatomical features of the newborn.Sling fits better to the body of the newborn and thus provides the ideal support for the spine.In addition, when using baby legs spread wide sling and not hang down as using baby carrier.As a result, the sling provides for prevention of various problems with the hip joint.What matters, and what to feed the baby sling convenient imperceptibly.

Of course, the baby carrier has its advantages.On sale you can find special "kangaroo" for newborns, but most such devices are intended for older children who can already hold his head.Kangaroo rucksack easier to use and to learn how to use a sling, will have to be trained.In addition, backpacks are more versatile - they fit almost any style of clothing, they are happy to use the fathers of children (slings are more often used by mothers), they look modern.

Deciding can certainly only parents themselves.Many people purchase as a "kangaroo" and sling, and then choose one thing, based on my own experience.Others parents alternated both devices depending on the situation.


choice of material

main requirement for the material of the sling - it should not reach.Knitted fabrics are only suitable for babies.That is, the fabric should be thick enough to capture the baby.As a rule, slings made of jacquard fabrics or double diagonal weave.Of course, the fabric must be completely natural - typically is cotton, possibly with additives silk, flax, bamboo, viscose, wool or cashmere.Slings for wearing in cool weather can be made of two layers of material.

fabric color does not matter.Many parents prefer to tend to accumulate grease colors such as beige, gray or khaki.Others prefer traditional ethnic motifs.In the summer it is better to prefer light shades so that the child does not overheat in the rest of the time the color can be chosen according to your taste.

quality slings always made from a single piece of fabric.Joints (even very strong) on ​​the product should not be for two reasons: firstly, the seam can rub the delicate skin of the baby, and secondly, made out of two or more pieces of fabric sling, by definition, less durable, and therefore less safethan made out of a single piece.

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