Feeding children up to a year: the main thing - the mother's milk!

nutrition of children up to one year In the first months of life it is fed only breast milk or special food from a bottle.But is not much time, and the parents think that it would be possible to vary the power of the baby.How and when this can be done?

child is ready to eat solid foods if:

  • His weight at birth has doubled
  • It can keep your head straight
  • He can sit with the help of an adult
  • show interest in food that is eaten adults
  • you feedit more than eight times a day
  • He does not push food out of his mouth language

How to start

  • Choose a time when you and the baby is not too tired, and when the baby is not too hungry
  • Put himon his lap or on a chair
  • best to start with a liquid rice porridge - for the first time will be enough 3-4 tablespoons of breast milk, and quite a bit of rice.Porridge should be very liquid
  • Use a small spoon and let the porridge a little bit, on the tip of a spoon
  • If the child does not want to eat with a spoon, let it sniff porridge and consider it carefully.
  • If it is difficult to swallow, so he is not quite ready for solid food.Please try again in a few days.
  • feed the baby porridge for one week before giving him something else.It takes time to his stomach got used to the new food
  • Every few days, do a little more consistency of thick porridge

When the baby gets used to porridge, you can begin to add to his diet vegetables, fruits, meat and bread.The principle is the same as with cereals - accustom it to one new product in a few days.So you make sure you are not allergic to a particular product, and his stomach will gradually adapt to the new food.Of course, the food must be thoroughly crushed.When the child reaches six months, you can begin to give him fruit juice - not in the bottle, but only in the circle.If the baby refuses to eat any particular food, try to give it to him some time later.Do not add food that gives the child, sugar or salt.Fatty meats and other fatty foods are good for the baby - fats are essential for the development of his brain.However, the need to avoid foods in which added fats - such as dishes, which are added to the oil.

Do not try to feed the baby if he does not want to - it feels better rate than you.Moreover, forcing a child to eat against their will, you almost from birth instilling in him the habit of overeating.

Do not leave your child alone when he eats.

products that are not recommended to be included in the diet of children under one year:

  • Honey (it often causes food poisoning Food poisoning: how to avoid becoming a victim of its own stomach Food poisoning: how to avoid becoming a victim of its own stomach . You should also avoid any products which havehoney)
  • Any sweet syrup
  • Candy, chocolate, biscuits, cakes
  • Drinks and food with the addition of artificial sweeteners
  • Carbonated drinks Coffee and tea (regardless of the fortress and the caffeine content)
  • so-called dessert for young children- mousses, gels, and so on
  • food with spices spices - delicious slimming Spices - delicious slimming , salt and fat
  • Fried and breaded dishes

following products can easily choke a child and as a result started to choke, soThey are also not recommended:

  • Popcorn, nuts, seeds
  • Peanut butter cookies
  • solid
  • raisins and other dried fruits
  • Zephyr

When you feed your baby from a bottle:

sure that during the cookinga mixture of everything is absolutely clear - your hands, kitchen utensils.Bottles and teats should be boiled for 5-10 minutes

The best way to warm up the milk in a bottle - put the bottle for a few minutes in a cup of warm water.Then apply a few drops of milk on the wrist - the temperature should be approximately equal to body temperature.Never heat milk for the baby in the microwave!

How to choose baby food

Buy baby food, which consists of any one ingredient - certain vegetables, fruit or meat.Such food is much more useful than mixed.You can make your own mix of different baby food bottles.Instead of fruit baby food is better to give the baby the usual chopped fruit - they do not have too much sugar and starches, and they are much more useful.

Never forget to look at the shelf life of the baby food.And remember that the doctors recommend if possible to breastfeed until at least a year.