Vibrocil for newborns, when, why and how

vibrotsil for newborns rhinitis in children - a very common phenomenon.Part of the "leakage" of the nose and promote the immune system is not strong, and the high susceptibility to allergens.Drops Vibrocil neonatal pediatricians prescribed for all types of rhinitis.How safe is the means, and what you should know before the start of its application?


How does?

Vibrocil - complex preparation, which includes two active components.First - phenylephrine - has a mild vasoconstrictor activity.It eliminates the swelling of the nasal mucosa and paranasal sinuses, reduces the production of mucus Mucous discharge - what is the norm for a healthy woman Mucus - what is the norm for a healthy woman , relieves breathing.

second - dimethindene maleate - struggling with symptoms of allergy.By suppressing the production of the main instigator of allergic reactions - histamine, it reduces nasal congestion, itching, restores impaired sense of smell.

combination of two active compounds ultimately provides triple effect Vibrocil:

  • vasoconstrictor,
  • decongestant,
  • antiallergic.

The drug comes in 3-5 minutes after application and lasts for 5-7 hours.


When you assigned?

primarily use Vibrocil shown in viral and bacterial rhinitis, inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis).The drug not only make breathing easier, but also prevents the accumulation of mucous secretions that are an excellent breeding ground for germs.

In allergic rhinitis Vibrocil helps eliminate swelling and irritation of the nose.At the same time, working exclusively on the mucous membrane, it causes no side effects typical of systemic anti-allergic agents (eg, suprastin, Fenistil).

Another indication for drops - otitis media Otitis media - children's problem Otitis media - children .The fact that the middle ear communicates with the nasal cavity.During otitis Otitis - than could face an ear infection Otitis - than could face an ear infection outflow of mucus out of it is broken.Using Vibrocil helps restore the body's natural ventilation and prevent further inflammation.


As used vibrotsil Infant

Vibrocil for newborns, which authorizes the use of instruction for children from the first day of life, introduced on 1 drop in each nostril 3-4 times a day.

Before the procedure, the nasal cavity kid is purified by aspirator and cotton wicks.Instill produced in the supine position.The baby's head is tilted to one side at 40-60 degrees.The drug is injected into the upper nostril, then gently massage the wing of the nose, so that the solution is evenly distributed on the mucosa.After 2-3 minutes, the head is rotated in the other direction.The procedure is repeated.


On safety

Due to the low concentrations of the vasoconstrictor component, the drug is considered one of the safest.In comparison with their counterparts, that no longer allowed to use 3-5 days Vibrocil can be used safely for two weeks.This is important if the child has acquired a runny protracted.

However, it is not necessary to abuse drops.Exceeding these instructions may result in dosages that will suck the solution through the nasal mucosa into the general circulation.In this case, included in its composition phenylephrine cause vasoconstriction of the whole organism.This situation threatens the baby high blood pressure, stroke, visual impairment.Status eliminate reception adsorbents (Smecta) and copious drinking.

In no event should not be used longer than 14 days Vibrocil.Violation of this rule is fraught with the development of drug dependence.Forgotten how to work properly, blood vessels kid will "require" all new and a new dose of the drops.

Absolute contraindications to the drug are:

  • atrophic rhinitis

This is one form of chronic rhinitis, which is very rare in infants.The disease is accompanied by thinning of the mucous membranes.The nasal cavity is dry, covered with fetid crusts.

  • Application mother grudnichka antidepressants (eg amitriptillin) or beta-blockers (atenolol, propranolol, Concor)

With milk of women, these drugs enter the body of the baby.Vasoconstrictor strengthen their action, promoting a fall in blood pressure and the development of lethargy and lethargy.

  • allergic reaction to the components drops

Caution should be used when Vibrocil diseases that are accompanied by blood vessels:

  • diabetes,
  • hyperthyroidism thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones ,
  • hypertension.

Accidental overdose of the drug in these pathologies can lead to deterioration.