How to stimulate the development of the child's feelings - classes begin in the womb

how to encourage the development of the child time that you spend with the baby is priceless.Instinct tells us that it is necessary to immediately help a child to comprehend the world around us.But not all of the child's feelings are formed simultaneously.For example, to develop a vision, it takes much more time than the development of the sense of smell.As a child perceives the world - it depends on its ability to hear, see and touch.


Newborn better distinguish contrasting combinations such as black and white.Within their view - only 20-25 cm, ie the distance to your face when you are breast-feeding a baby.Only four weeks the child will be able to see you at a distance of 50 cm. Encourage your child in black and white and colored toys and see what he prefers, and which does not pay attention.


Hearing the child begins to develop in the womb, so he will know your voice right after birth.Newborns are sensitive to very loud sounds such as slamming doors or loud TV.Talk with the child rather quiet than loud.In addition, it is possible to sing any songs, children like to listen to the harmonious melodies when they lull you keep on hand.


Touch is deeply integrated into the psyche of a child - right after birth, children crave tactile sensations.To develop the child's sense of touch is very easy - simply touch it constantly.Hug him, ironed, do massage.All this is useful for the development of touch.Babies also like skin contact with the skin - it can be breastfeeding Breastfeeding: Breast - and no nails! Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails! or just carrying a baby in her arms.


Smell - a very important feeling for the baby.The child knows your scent, as well as voice, immediately after birth.He needs to know that his mother nearby - keep him close so he can feel your scent.You should not use perfumes or scented lotions.The child needs your natural smell.


taste buds will develop when the baby is a little older.But even infants prefer the feel and taste of sweet food sour.That's why baby food has a sweet taste.Note that the taste of your breast milk depends on what you are eating.

When you start giving your child solid food, let him to decide what he likes.Some children love the green beans, and others it does not even look - as determined by taste preferences.Never force a child to eat forced to - let him try new foods when he wants to.With age, the baby tastes expand.