How to treat constipation in newborns - elimination of failure in the child's body

how to treat constipation in infants How to treat constipation in infants can be solved only by a pediatrician, as only he can determine whether constipation constipation.Sometimes breastfeeding chair the newborn can not be several days, and if the child is not expressed concern, it is considered the norm.


Causes of constipation in infants

gastrointestinal tract of a newborn baby is different functional immaturity: in the mouth it has allocated little saliva and stomach and intestine - enzymes.Furthermore, in the intestine of newborn was not generated normal flora involved in the digestion of food.All these features lead to digestive disorders, exercise, including in the form of constipation, bloating Bloating - if you are bursting inside Bloating - if you are bursting inside and intestinal colic.

Constipation is considered slow, labored or systematic lack of bowel movements.But constipation in infants, a relative term as stool frequency they can be very different - from two to three times a day to once every 2-3 days.If the child is at a delay of a chair is not worried, quietly suckles and sleeps between feedings, then there is no reason to worry: the long absence of the chair can say that the child is very well absorbed by breast milk.

But if the newborn a few days (or even just one day) is not a chair, he is restless, not breastfeeding, does not sleep, it means constipation.The cause of constipation in infants may also be neurological disorders (for example, the consequences of a birth trauma), congenital features of the structure and functioning of the intestine, general muscular hypotonia, and other pathology.

main manifestations of constipation in infants are abdominal distension (bloating) and paroxysmal pain (intestinal colic).The child becomes restless, refusing the breast or the opposite breast constantly demanding to calm down, not sleeping, crying.


Proper feeding

order to save newborn constipation, you need to adjust his diet.If the child is breastfed, he can get breast "on demand", in addition to water it does not need water.Very often the child's constipation associated with maternal nutrition.A nursing mother in the first month after birth should be excluded from their diet foods that can affect the digestive system of the child.It's sweet, sweet carbonated drinks, strong tea and coffee, roasted meat and fish, smoked, sharp, canned foods, vegetables and fruits that contain large amounts of fiber.

It is also important to apply the right of the child to his chest - he must capture not just mouth the nipple and areola (the areola).If you do not, the child will be during the sucking swallow air, leading to accumulation of gas in the intestine, motility disorders, constipation and colic.

If the baby is bottle-fed, you feed him at the request can not, should be a clear mode of feeding - every 3 hours with the six-hour break for the night.To prevent constipation between feedings it should drink boiled some water.

matters and milk mixture Dairy mixture - selection of the useful power Dairy mixture - selection of useful power , that receives the child.Children with constipation Constipation - Watch out for food Constipation - Watch out for food and intestinal colic, suitable dairy mixture allowed children from birth - Nan, Nutrilon, Agusha-1 and so on.Good laxative effect and have a mixture Frisolak Frisovom and hydrolyzed mixture Nutrilon Pepto-TSC, Nutrilon Comfort, Humana SP + MCT Hipp GA.


Than to treat constipation in infants

But sometimes, even with proper feeding the newborn are constipation.In this case, the assigned medication.

For the treatment of constipation in infants is widely used drugs, putting out gas (carminative).After removing gas recovered intestinal motility and normal stool.Today used two types carminative:

  • based on essential oils Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? plants - dill water, Calm Baby, Plantex;
  • drugs, active substances which is simethicone;Infant recommended drugs such as Espumizan 40 and Sab Simplex.

In order to improve the digestion of food, sometimes prescribe drugs, which contain digestive enzymes - Panzinorm, Creon, Mezim and others.They help digestion and promote it through the intestines.

On prescription for constipation in infants can be used Dufalac - a drug whose active substance is lactulose.It is a non-digestible carbohydrate that stimulates peristalsis, eliminate constipation and restores the normal microflora.On the basis of available lactulose and drugs such as Lactusan and Normase.

Galina Romanenko