How to spend time with your child: interesting activities

how to spend time with your child mother spends with the child much longer than anyone else in the family.Very often the question arises, what to do with the child as active and to spend time with him.In fact, there are many activities that are equally captivate both you and your baby.When choosing entertainment thing to take into account the age and level of development of the child.Children like to discover the world, to learn something, they like to spend time with those who care for them.


At the age of three or four months, you must pay attention to the development of the baby's neck muscles - swimming is the best strengthens the cervical spine and as a whole.Enroll in the pool, take it with your toddler and swim on health.

variety of games and simple exercises in the water will bring pleasure to you and your daze, he definitely liked to wallow in the water and bultyhat legs, imitating with your swimming.If the child is not afraid of water, and he likes these impromptu lessons do not stop at two or three lessons, lessons continue.Joint active strengthens the emotional bond with the child in a public place, where in addition you still have other children, they can make new friends, to the same child will be helpful to get the original swimming skills in a safe environment under the supervision of an adult.

Yoga for mom and baby

Many schools of yoga practice yoga classes where mothers can engage in with their children.Ask whether there are such clubs in your city.If you take the baby with you, do not be afraid that it will be boring.Children like to feel involved in the activities of adults watching what other kids repeat their movements, to learn a new environment for them.

These yoga lessons are equally useful for the health of mother and child, you are moving, performing stretching exercises Stretching exercises - Be careful Stretching exercises - Be careful and relax while your child is with you and you do not lose sight of him.

Group read with game elements

Many libraries and children's centers provide reading group for children of different ages.At such events children are involved in interactive communication, which is certainly useful for further social adaptation of children.

for group readings specially selected age-appropriate children's literature.Do not think that children throughout the time sitting motionless, listening to reading.At such events children sing, create your hands crafts, communicate with adults and peers.

in group readings can participate not only children but also their parents, and most importantly - these activities are absolutely free.Agree, a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity.

Spending time with the child outside of the home, you get to meet new people, find understanding and support among the same moms like you and be aware of the social life of your neighborhood.

joint leisure, educational and other activities - it is the time spent usefully contributes to the development and strengthening of the relationship between mother and child.

diverse fellowship with other children promotes physical and emotional development of the child, is a kind of initial training for its adaptation to the social environment.