How to organize a healthy child's dream: useful tips

how to organize a healthy child You have a small child?Regardless of age, the baby needs a calm and healthy sleep.And what to do with the fidgets that sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams considered the most suitable for gaming and entertainment?Any mother know this problem: while later, Mom fall to the ground, and the child has no intention to fall asleep, he wants to play and move.It is important to create favorable conditions for a healthy and sound sleep your baby.

Keep quiet

Before you put your child to bed, take care of the creation of a peaceful and secure environment in the home.It is better that the child is not distracted by the sound of the TV, phone conversations, slamming doors.

About an hour before bedtime, dim the lights, turn off the TV, let the child get used to the silence.Review your child his favorite fairy tale, give a bottle of drinking, before going to bed is also helpful to make a warm bath and a soft relaxing massage.These procedures will help your child to calm down and relax, in this state it will be much easier to fall asleep.

course, do not always have a real opportunity to put all these tips into practice.However, the most quiet and calm atmosphere in the house is definitely important for the child's sleep.


your dream is unlikely to be calm and strong, if you sleep in an uncomfortable, snare or tooloose clothing.The same feeling and the child.

Very often parents do not pay enough attention to the clothes in which the baby sleeps.

best to buy children's pajamas and nightgowns made of soft cotton fabric that allows skin to breathe, does not allow the child to sweat, but at the same time protects the baby from hypothermia.

It is not necessary to put on pajamas baby is, choose something comfortable lightweight natural material, most importantly, avoid too close or large items, such as sliders, panties, collar, difficulty breathing.Many children do not like pajamas, sometimes it does not suit their appearance or they just uncomfortable to sleep in them.Often in such cases are not tight pants with an elastic rubber band and an old favorite shirt is a perfect bedroom set.

Keep the room temperature

It is very important to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house, especially when it comes to the room where the child sleeps.Your child, as well as any other person would not sleep well if the room is too hot or too cold.The temperature in the child should not be too high for the normal-temperature sleep considered 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius.Whenever possible, the same is desirable to maintain the temperature in the entire apartment.It is this temperature is considered to be most suitable for sleeping, not only children but also adults.

pacifiers and diapers night

Wearing diapers and sucking a pacifier, most kids feel like in paradise.For moms these inventions of humanity - a real salvation.

Night diapers can absorb more liquid than usual, so at night you do not have to change the baby diaper as often as day.

Do not worry if your baby can not sleep without a pacifier.If you do not approve of this habit, and afraid to leave the child at night with a pacifier in his mouth, carefully remove it from the mouth of the child, when you see that the baby is quite fast asleep.

Listen to your children

If your baby falls asleep, curled up, and does not wake up during the night, do not encourage your child to change the position.Many children want to motion sickness, some can not sleep without a mother nearby.Listen to the wishes of the child lie down beside him, rocking, sing a lullaby Lullabies: universal hypnotic Lullabies: universal hypnotic .

parenting - hard work, whether this adds stress and night?Most young children have trouble sleeping, not many people can sleep peacefully all night, never woke up or just go to sleep, barely touched the pillow.

Do not try to correct the child's habits, listen to his wishes, analyze the behavior of your baby.Over time you will realize that helps the child to sleep, to which he responds, and that calms him.Use this knowledge in practice, and you and the rest of the family do not have to wake up frequently at night to soothe your baby waking up.