Diaper rash in a child and how to fight them

diaper rash in a child Intertrigo occur in children often, but it does not mean that it's okay.The problem in any case should not be ignored.

Many parents do not know that there are many tools that can prevent the occurrence of diaper rash or eliminate them in the initial stages, if they have already appeared.These tools include baby powder, corn starch and all kinds of diaper rash creams.

adherence to the simple preventative measures will save you from trouble, and your baby from the discomfort and unpleasant sensations.

Most nappy

Of course, this does not mean that you will need to change diapers on the clock every five minutes.You just need to ensure that the diapers do not accumulate too much content, it gives kids a lot of trouble and affects their mood.

As soon as you notice that the baby went to diapers, change them as soon as possible.Do not leave your child in wet nappies and stale - it is not only uncomfortable for the baby, but the causes of diaper rash, and in general a negative effect on the delicate skin baby soft.

apply special creams and ointments from diaper rash

Every time changing baby diapers, apply a small amount of cream or ointment to the buttocks and groin baby.Thus, you will create a water-repellent barrier to prevent the penetration of particles of faeces into the skin.

At each change of diaper necessarily wipe the baby's ass and crotch cloth.After cleaning the skin from the previously applied a cream or ointment, grease trouble spots again.

Before applying the cream should be thoroughly cleaned skin to its residues do not accumulate in folds of the skin and cause irritation.

Baby powder and cornstarch

proper and regular use of these simple tools will help avoid chafing.

Free baby diapers, apply a small amount of powder on the skin that are most prone to diaper rash.Powder and cornstarch to absorb excess moisture, ass baby remains dry and clean, even if it is in the diaper.

At night you can apply a little more powder than during the day, as the night the child is in the same diaper for longer than usual.

For the treatment and prevention of diaper rash can be applied cream or ointment for diaper rash and baby powder at the same time, the main thing is first to apply a thin layer of cream, then sprinkle it with powder, but not vice versa.