Sling mother: contact education

Slingo mum contact education In recent years, babywearing has gained immense popularity.Hundreds of companies make slings, in which parents can carry children when they want to.There are many different types of slings, so every parent can find a suitable one.But why bother to carry the baby in a sling?Contact

education is becoming more common, and many mothers know the benefits of babywearing and want to try it.

Benefits of babywearing

One of the main advantages of slings that baby is always very close to the parent.Children spend nine months in the womb, where it is warm and cozy, where they are in constant contact with the mother.That's where they used to be.Babywearing, in turn, allows the child to hear the heartbeat of the parent and smell him.It's great when Mom or Dad brings baby in a sling, as they can always talk to the baby that contributes to the development of close contact.It is love, coming from parents will help children to develop, and the closer they are to their parents, the faster the process of development.

advantage of babywearing for babies is that you can feed the baby in a sling.Feeding her baby in a sling around unnoticed.Even if a child eats a bottle in a sling to keep it comfortable.The child will feel like a cradle, surrounded by love, and it will be able to sleep in such comfort.

addition, modern slings are very useful for the back "carrier".Former slings like backpacks, very tired back and brought tangible discomfort during extended wear.Modern slings are sewn in such a way that the child's weight is evenly distributed, so this does not harm Babywearing back.Even when the children grow up and weigh up to eleven kilograms parents to wear them in a sling, and not just on the hands.

first thing dreams of a woman after childbirth - is to get rid of excess weight gained during pregnancy.Mom can not wait for the moment when they bye to overweight.That is another advantage of babywearing.Constant Babywearing helps get rid of excess kilos.

Not just for moms

Wearing baby in a sling can be any member of the family.This makes it possible to establish close contact with the child for the whole family.This is the main advantage of babywearing.Mothers should allow fathers to carry children in a sling to restored contact between them.

babywearing - it's a great experience for mom, dad and baby.Nowadays, slings, which are suitable for you, you can find online.If you are not going to have a child soon, still remember the slings when choosing gifts for children, for example, for the parties to the birth of a child.