Children's furniture - made with love

children worldwide every year thousands of children in need of medical care as a result of injuries due to children's furniture.Approximately every fifth injury in children aged up to one year in one way or another connected to such furniture.When selecting furniture for the children's parents should pay attention not to the color and style, but above all - for security.In addition, it should be remembered that even if children's furniture meets all safety requirements, the child still needs constant supervision.



most common injuries associated with cribs, are the consequence of a fall, or that of the child's body stuck between the slats making up the wall.Sometimes, children's clothing, clinging sticking out of the bed bolts and other items, leading to asphyxiation.

Cribs must meet the following requirements:

  • distance between the laths should be from 50 mm to 95 mm.If the walls of the crib made of flexible material, the maximum distance between the strips should be at least 95 mm.
  • distance from the bottom of the mattress to the upper walls of children's bed should be at least 600 mm.
  • gaps between the mattress and the crib each party should not be more than 20 mm.
  • gaps between reyami addition, in the crib should not have holes in which a child could poke a finger.


  • Place the crib as far as possible from heaters, sockets, windows (the latter is necessary in order that the child could not reach the curtains and / or blinds on the laces).
  • Never put a baby to bed electric blankets or heating pads.In a pinch, you can use them to heat the bed to the child goes to bed.
  • not hang over the bed baby pictures or mirrors, as always there is a possibility that they may fall.
  • Do not leave it near a crib chargers, belts and other items, which can lead to suffocation.
  • children under the age of two years should not sleep on the U-shaped pillow;As a rule, experts recommend them to sleep without any pillows.
  • Do not make the big baby in the crib toys and toys with small parts.
  • The crib must be at least the most necessary things - a blanket, a mattress and a child's favorite toy.No need to hang on the wall of the bed clothes, blankets, and so on.



Every year hundreds of children are falling with highchairs Highchairs: gatherings Highchairs: gatherings , and receiveinjuries of varying severity.To select the most secure chair, you must first make sure that it is stable, and the child will not be able to swing it.In a stool to be a simple design, without unnecessary details (so it will be easier to clean).High chairs are suitable for children who can already sit alone - as a rule, they are trained for this 6-8 months.Usually parents are chairs, until the child is 2-3 years.

When a child is sitting on a high chair, it should always be supervised by their parents.Place the chair at least a meter away from the kitchen furniture and any other items for which the child can grasp and, as a result, fall.Even if the child is already good enough and walks confidently climbs on the furniture, do not let him get on a high chair without your help.


changing table

Since the height of the changing table is greater than one meter, a drop from it can lead to quite serious injury in a child.When buying a table, choose a model with partitions of at least 10 cm and streamlined edges.

prepare in advance everything you need to perepelenat child.

While a baby is on the changing table, it can not be left alone for a minute.If the telephone rings or someone knocks on the door or ignore it or go to answer the call, or open the door with the child.

Keep in mind that many parents successfully do without changing table - instead, they use their own wide bed, sofa, and so on.Statistics childhood traumas shows that it is often safer than using changing table - though less convenient for parents.


How to choose furniture for the nursery

basic rule to remember when choosing furniture for the child - in a child's room should not be anything extra.This is especially important if you have a child of preschool age or younger who need a lot of room to move.

Kids usually like the bright, pure colors.It is best to ask the child what color he would like to see you in your room, and choose the furniture, taking into account their wishes.

Children's furniture should not be too high, so that the child could get everything they need, without the help of parents.Of course, not everyone can afford to change the furniture every two or three years, when the child will grow.Those whose budget is quite limited, it may be advisable to buy a few pieces of furniture of different heights.For example, a bookcase or clothing, to the upper shelves which can reach only a teenager, low bookcase and a low, light nightstand or table, which the child will be able, if necessary, to move, to get things that are too high.It is important that the cabinet has been stable, and it was smooth and sufficiently large surface.

furniture in the room the student should be comfortable and functional.Be sure to buy your child a desk - that he may be small, but it has to be his own workplace.Take care, and that the furniture in the room was, where friends can sit the baby - not necessarily buy a sofa, you can instead purchase a few bean bag chair or floor pillows.