Laxative for Babies - a simple means

laxative for babies In some cases, for the treatment of constipation may need a laxative for infants.Drugs of this type, like any other drugs, small children can be given only by a doctor's permission.Therefore, if your child has had problems with defecation, it is necessary first of all to show his specialist.


reasons for constipation in toddlers

usually defecating in newborns occurs at least once a day.If newborn intestine is emptied less frequently, or it may indicate that he is eating too little, or the fact it has, for some reason developed constipation.

most common cause of constipation in newborns is feeding with formula milk.Children who are breastfed, the likelihood of constipation is very small.The ratio of protein, fat and other components in breast milk is ideal for a child, and his intestines on this diet in most cases work perfectly.But in formula, even the best, may include components that some children lead to constipation.In such cases it is better to try to feed the baby other milk mixture Dairy mixture - selection of the useful power Dairy mixture - selection of useful power , and if that does not help, you should consult your doctor.

cause of constipation may also be some diseases, such as hypothyroidism, botulism, food allergies and metabolic disorders.Fortunately, in the newborn, such health problems are very rare.


Laxatives for newborns

  • Water

In some cases, in order to cure constipation in newborn or a childunder six months, it is sufficient to start giving it a little water - 30-50 g once or twice a week.The water softens the stool, defecation easier, and makes it more frequent.

Lactulose Lactulose - one of the most popular laxatives to small children.This kind of sugar which is cleaved in the colon to acid.They saturate the fecal water, and facilitate defecation.Lactulose lechniya used for constipation, as well as some of the violations caused by liver failure.

first bowel movement should begin within 48 hours after ingestion of lactulose.If laktuloa cause the child a very strong and long-lasting diarrhea, contact your doctor.

There are many different products on the basis of lactulose, one of them - prelaks, which comes in the form of syrup.Also produces powders with lactulose, which is necessary before applying self-mixed with water.

dosage depends on the type of drug, as well as the weight and age of the child.The recommended dose on the packaging, but the best to the dosage established physician based on the individual needs of the patient.

Side effects of lactulose may be bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting.Normally they are within a few days after treatment;If these symptoms persist for a long time, you should see a doctor.

  • Glycerin rectal suppositories

Perhaps the safest remedy for constipation (of course, after the water) are the laxative suppositories for infants with glycerin.Glycerin - undistinguished-looking liquid, viscous and transparent material - is widely used in various fields of industry and pharmacology.It is used in cosmetics, household chemicals, food stuffs, explosives, paper, and so on.

rectal suppositories with glycerine Glycerin: miracle ingredient for skin and hair Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair make the stool softer and cause slight irritation of the rectum;such impact leads to defecation hours after administration suppositories.

glycerol and any other rectal suppositories should not be used during anal fissures.The only known side effects of suppositories glycerol is diarrhea, which usually lasts no more than one or two days.

  • laxative tea

laxative tea for babies herbal considered safe, but, like other drugs, should not be given to a child without a doctor's permission.Herbs can also cause side effects and interact with other drugs, and it should never be forgotten.The composition of most varieties of laxative tea for young children include fennel - a plant that is widely used in cooking and in alternative medicine.Fennel helps with heartburn, flatulence, bloating, poor appetite, constipation, and colic and newborn babies.It is also used to treat infections of the upper respiratory tract, cough, bronchitis Bronchitis - protection if the body has malfunctioned Bronchitis - protection if the body has malfunctioned , back pain, urinary incontinence.In some countries it is used to increase the production of breast milk, to normalize the menstrual cycle, as well as increase libido.

When constipation Fennel helps due to the fact that it has a relaxing effect on the walls of the colon.It has a mild laxative effect and in moderation does not cause side effects.Let baby fennel tea in doses and as often as recommended by a doctor;in too large quantities it can be dangerous for sensitive newborn organism.

  • Mikrolaks

This drug can be used to treat constipation, even in very young children.It works very quickly - usually defecation takes place no more than half an hour after administration of the drug.The package of medicine Mikrolaks contains several small tubes with long tips, which, in fact, represent microclysters.The tip is introduced into the anus of the child (pre-need to carefully wash your hands and the skin around the anus), and squeeze the tube.This is a simple and painless procedure for the baby, which usually takes only a few minutes.Sometimes Mikrolaks cause mild irritation of the anus, but it usually is not so strong that the child after using the drug became more capricious, or they have trouble sleeping Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .In general, patients of all ages suffer this drug is very good, and some undesirable consequences for the health of it does not.