What medications to take on holiday with your baby - the rules of collection kits

what medications to take on holiday with your baby In preparation for the family vacation you must not forget the first aid kit.It is recommended to separately collect drugs for adults and children, so what medications to take on holiday with your baby, you should consult with a specialist.There is a separate list of medicines approved for use in pediatric practice, and they are given a special place in the medicine cabinet.


What to consider when choosing medicines

Quite often there is a situation when a child is already receiving some medication, if he has the disease.For this reason, it is sure to continue the medication while traveling.Parents need to accurately calculate the necessary number of them.If the family is going on vacation to another country, you may have difficulties with the purchase of medicines, since this will need to seek an appointment with a local doctor for a prescription.

While receiving potent drugs that can only be obtained by a special recipe, do not need to stock them in large quantities.You should check the expiry date, as well as the integrity of the packaging.For storage of medication is recommended to purchase a reliable container to be sealed.If the packaging of the drug is not suitable for travel, it is better to give or find an analogue in a convenient package.

When selecting drugs for the first aid kit is always taken into account the risk of acute diseases (eg, colds, food poisoning), as well as various injuries during the trip.If a family already has experience in the use of any drugs, it is they should be preferred.The most commonly used medications have some kind of advantage when it comes to the treatment of pathological conditions during rest or travel.


What medications should be in children's medicine cabinet

Selection of drugs is primarily determined by the age of the child.In pediatric practice widely used various forms of release agents:

  • tablet form
  • syrups
  • candles (rectal)

in the form of a syrup or suppositories are often issued painkillers, means for reducing the temperature.This group of drugs should be included in the first aid kit is mandatory.The best-known drug in this group is paracetamol Paracetamol - is effective in moderate pain Paracetamol - is effective for moderate pain , which is known under different names.In children, it has a good anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, so as a means of emergency this drug is perfect, especially when it comes to traveling.

During the rest must be provided that temporarily changes the nature of power.This is one of the causes of intestinal disorders in adults and children.The road first aid kit should be adsorbents.Widely known and effective adsorbent is activated carbon Activated carbon - old but indispensable Activated carbon - old but indispensable .Child and adult to receive a single dose calculated per kg.Also, as an effective adsorbent can take drug "smectite".

intestinal disorders often accompanied by the appearance of intestinal colic, so do not forget about antispasmodic drugs.As an antispasmodic should take the road drotaverine.It is available under various trade names, most popular method is the "no-spa."The dose is chosen according to the age of the child, so we can advance to consult a pediatrician about the possibility of taking this drug.


antiseptic and anti-bacterial agents in children's medicine cabinet

Children are very active lifestyle, so they are at risk of developing a variety of injuries, abrasions, bruises.The road must take antiseptic wound processing surfaces, so the solution agent is hydrogen peroxide.By means of first aid for this kind of damage include cotton wool, sterile disposable pads and adhesive tape.If it becomes necessary to treat minor wounds, parents can make it on their own without seeking specialized care.

good antiseptic chlorhexidine is also that handles any wounds or damaged skin.In some cases there is a need for antimicrobial agents.This need arises in infectious complications, colds and other inflammatory processes.In the children's medicine cabinet should be an antibiotic that has a wide range of effects on a wide range of pathogens.

Pediatric recommended antibiotics in a suitable form, for example in the form of syrups.The effectiveness of this form of drug release is high, so a bottle of antibacterial agent to be in the children's medicine cabinet, if the family goes on a journey.There is a risk of toxic effects due to the administration of the antibiotic Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? , so it must be a kind of last resort.Acceptance of antibacterial drugs carried out under strict indications.While on vacation, if parents see signs of an inflammatory disease in a child, you should consult a local doctor to specialist treatment was administered.

The child may develop local inflammation of the respiratory tract (laryngitis, pharyngitis).The children's first aid kit is recommended to put antiseptic as an aerosol, for example, the drug "Hexoral."Its effectiveness is related to the antibacterial, antimycotic action of the drug.On the surface of the mucous active substance medication is not absorbed, so there is no systemic exposure.Despite this, it is impossible should refrain from the use of the drug in children younger than three years.

Marina Solovyov