How to care for a baby with Down syndrome?

how to care for babies with Down syndrome Down syndrome - a genetic disorder that occurs in about one child out of 800 non-congenital.Down syndrome results in various forms of physical abnormalities and developmental delays.How to care for a baby with Down syndrome?


first thing you should do the parents of such a child - to enroll in a support group of parents.Experts and people who face the same problem, to help parents cope with anger and sorrow caused by the diagnosis of the child.In addition, the group will advise parents pediatrician, who has extensive experience working with children with Down syndrome.

Doctors advise not to apply to one doctor and several specialists.The child will have to undergo a number of examinations, before you can get medical advice.

Children with Down syndrome often suffer from low muscle tone, hypotension.Babies with this problem often difficult to walk, sit and roll over.Parents can encourage children to commit these actions and to support the child in the process.To increase muscle tone in the infant classes to help with the physical therapist.

Always check the temperature of the baby's body at regular intervals, to make sure that it does not have heat.High temperatures can be a consequence of palpitations in children with Down syndrome.If a child has abnormalities in the cardiovascular system, you should not treat it from a cold decongestant, it can lead to tachycardia Tachycardia - the body to the limit? Tachycardia - the body to the limit? .