How to teach your child to crawl: Tips for Parents

how to teach a child to crawl independent movement means a lot to the child, and its beginning is the most important step in the development of the child.As a rule, children successfully learn to move themselves, but if this does not happen to the eight or nine months, parents should think about the question of how to teach a child to crawl, or rather, how to help him learn how to do it.

Why is it important to crawl

crawling Why is it so important?More recently, a pipsqueak entirely dependent on the will of the parents, and now can independently go anywhere (even within a room).This is the first step towards independence, and the kids really appreciate being able to walk on their own, to know the world.During crawling not only strengthens the muscles of the arms and legs, but also to develop a personality.Crawling, the child learns to decide where to go and when to stop, and how best to achieve this goal.Formed spatial imagination, the child learns to determine the distance to the subject, which wants to achieve, and is looking for ways to overcome this distance.Adult similar problem seems simple, but the crumb is only beginning to learn to own their own bodies.

During crawling baby develops makromotorika and coordination of movements, muscles are strengthened, the body is prepared for the next step - walking.When a baby is crawling, it develops its mikromotorika: on the way the child feels the difference between hard and smooth floor carpet and touching objects lying on the floor.The development of fine motor skills, as you know, has beneficial effects on the development of speech and children who crawled much in its infancy, usually more teachable than their peers who have not had a chance to crawl around the room freely.Fortunately, many children who did not have much to crawl in the first year of life, catch up in the coming years - for example, while playing on the floor.In this case, it is not necessary to straighten out the baby, causing him to take an upright position - better, on the contrary, lay on the floor carpet convenient for such games.

Some parents are not serious to a crawl and try to quickly put the baby in the "walkers."Of course, "walker" in his comfortable for adults, but many pediatricians believe this device is quite harmful, "walker" deprive the child opportunities to explore the world by touch - a child can only look at objects that interest him, without being able to touch them.Many adults want the baby as soon as possible go, but do not hurry up with that too.If the child is healthy, he is sure, sooner or later will be on foot and take the first steps, and not so important, it will happen for a couple of months earlier or later.

How to help your child

Typically, children begin to crawl in six or seven months.How successful will this process depends primarily on the physical development of the baby.The stronger the muscles of the legs, back and arms, the easier it will be a child to crawl.That is why it is so important in the first months of life are regularly spread baby on his stomach - this load successfully prepares the child to a crawl.

If the child does not decide to start crawling, he may need the support of adults.Shy and insecure kids usually resolved to move in space later than their active counterparts.Phlegmatic children also for the time being in no hurry to explore new territory.In this case, parents should often sit with a child on the floor.If you put a toy on the floor at such a distance that the child can not reach it, baby try to crawl.Next to my mother it would not scary, and quite soon the child will appreciate all the charm of a new skill.It is important that mom will not leave until the child masters the crawling - it gives the child confidence.

course, initially crumb is tired and asks "to handle", but over time the process necessarily entice the child crawling.Particularly contribute to this ball game: pushing the ball, the child will tend to get it, and so will quickly learn to crawl.It is best to crawl on a hard surface, not on a thick blanket or a soft carpet - so baby will be easier to keep your balance.

child crawled - what next?

parents Life "slider" uneasy: it is necessary all the time to watch a curious kid, which is developing new space.The temptation is to lock the child in the arena, but this should not be done - the more a child is crawling, the better, so space limitations, it is desirable to remove as much as possible.If your child is still shy sex, adults should be close and support your baby.Also, parents can help the crumbs to make the most convenient for crawling position.Children usually crawl on my knees forward head, but some prefer to back away, and some even move sideways.Retrain kid there was no need: over time it will empirically choose the best style crawl.

Keep in mind that small children can crawl very quickly, so you should remove all dangerous objects.To understand what things can be dangerous, perhaps an adult have to go to the floor of this situation well will be visible electrical outlets and wires dangling seductively from the table cloth, the holes, which can be stuck tiny fingers, scary door that can hitthe young conqueror of spaces and steep steps by which it can slide.It is advisable to put caps on all sockets and stops - at all the doors and cabinet doors securely locked.The fact that the floor must be perfectly clean, to say, probably, too.

Shaken new features, the child will explore everything that gets in his way, so the task of parents - to make sure that nothing potentially dangerous it is not caught.At the same time it is necessary to explain to the kid where you can crawl, and where - it is impossible.First comes a time of prohibitions: a child is taught that in any case can not touch plug or pull the wires.

Maria Bykov