Symptoms of heat stroke in children - as life threatening

Symptoms of heat stroke in children Children's body has not yet fully formed system of thermoregulation, heat transfer.This is one of the main reasons why a child is vulnerable in terms of getting heat stroke.Symptoms of heat stroke in children is most clearly manifested after the onset of heat exhaustion, that is, during thermal shock.At this stage, it could lead to the threat of a child's life, so urgent action as first aid can save lives.


Features of heat exchange in children

rapidity of heat stroke due to overheating in children due to the presence of certain features of the process of heat transfer.The difference compared to the adult organism consists of the following features:

  • in comparison with the processes of heat transfer of heat in children is higher
  • overheating of the body is severely limited ability to increase heat transfer

most clearly expressed in the heat transfer characteristics of children who were born beforethe due date (premature babies).In children with a significant underweight reduced capacity increase of heat, so they can be easily is the development of "thermal injury" even with a minimum deviation of ambient temperature from normal values.

To achieve physiological balance between the processes of heat exchange (heat transfer, heat production) will take time from the time of birth and, as a rule, completed eight years of a child's life.The mechanisms that control the process of heat transfer may be delayed compared to the mechanisms of regulation of heat, so the children of the first years of life are more at risk of overheating of the body.Hypothermia due to the peculiarities of formation of regulatory mechanisms developed significantly less.


How parents can identify the symptoms of heat stroke in children

Symptoms that may indicate heat stroke can occur even in theWhile walking in hot weather.Parents should closely monitor the general condition of the child, so as not to miss the symptoms of heat exhaustion, which are conventionally considered to be the forerunners of heat stroke.By the manifestations of heat exhaustion include the following symptoms:

  • thirst
  • lethargy, apathy, fatigue.The child stops playing, greatly reduced his physical activity
  • skin becomes wet and cool

Further exacerbating the lesions developing heat stroke.Experts regard this condition as critical, life-threatening child.Heat stroke - symptoms a child may develop at lightning speed, so as soon as the first signs were detected depletion of the child's body as a result of overheating, should provide medical assistance.It focuses primarily on the fight against overheating organism.

If assistance is not provided in a timely manner, the child falls into unconsciousness.By having clinical symptoms of heat stroke symptoms often joined by dehydration, so it also deserves special attention.If significant dehydration are dry skin, breathing - the part surface, the pulse quickens.Severity of symptoms depends on the severity of the thermal shock that will continue to define the scope of the therapy.


How can I prevent heat stroke

Knowing the particular child's body, parents should take certain precautions.A child should not wear too warm, especially in hot weather.During warmer months, overheating of the body may develop, even if you leave a child unattended in a car for a few minutes.In a parked car in the open space there is a rapid rise in temperature, so heat exhaustion develops over a short period of time.Parents should always be aware of this feature and never make such a mistake.

During the walk the child to be a headdress.The hottest time of the year is always to be taken with a small container of water, as dehydration can make the child vulnerable to the development of heat stroke.For this reason, you need to give your child to drink plenty of fluids, especially if you plan a long walk or leisure, active games.It is recommended to make a long break during active play to at this time could be cool, drink fluids, to wash the child.These measures will help to cool the body, as physical activity is also a risk factor for heat exhaustion.

If in summer the temperature outside rises to the significant digits, it is better to give up some time by walking in the street, in order to avoid possible negative effects.

At the first signs of overheating of the body to put the child into some cool place.This can be a shade of the trees or the room where air conditioned.

to replenish fluid losses should be allowed to drink baby.For the purpose of cooling the child's body can resort to a very simple and effective way.The child should be wrapped in a sheet or a towel that has been soaked with cool water.If this is not possible, you can put a small wet towel or handkerchief on the forehead.

child should be in a cool ventilated area until such time as his condition improves.If the parents or the surrounding people observe that the overall condition worsens, it is best to have specialized help, take the child to a hospital of its own transport or to call an ambulance.It should be noted that heat stroke can develop at lightning speed, respectively, all therapeutic measures must be provided quickly and accurately.

Marina Solovyov