How to wear baby in a sling: Tips for Moms

How to wear baby slings tips When did you first decide to try babywearing, baby wear for no longer than twenty minutes.Eventually, you will be able to carry the baby in a sling for a long time (some are mothers of children in a sling all day), but first you need to build muscle.

  • Use sling that suits you.Most slings are available in the sizes.Some mothers complained about the slings Nojo, which can not be tightened sufficiently tight.Slings this company produced only one size, so they are sometimes great for mothers of small stature.If the sling is too large, you can tighten it tighter, even if the lining prevents you from doing so.Try to push the ring sling as widely as possible, so that you can stretch the lining.
  • Tighten the slings so tight as it is convenient to you and your child.When a child is pressed firmly against your body, your back will be easier, and the child will feel more secure.
  • Avoid wearing slings below the navel or waistline.If you carry the baby at a very low level, it will increase the load on his back.Wear your baby at a comfortable level for you.
  • Determine what sling suits you best: with or without lining.Slings with soft lining are usually equipped with handles and shoulder strap.Belts are very comfortable, as children can put on their head, and are suitable for toddlers, which is in a sling on her hip.Slings with soft handles will suit you if you prefer to wear a sling on his shoulder.

Some mothers prefer slings unlined.Slings unlined with nezashitym "tail" can be easily to tighten.This will create a small cozy place to sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams tiny newborns, as well as help with confidence to wear on the hip older children.Slings without soft shoulder straps give you the opportunity to move more arm on which the sling is attached.

  • If your sling present soft shoulder straps, lining should be placed on the back (not the neck)
  • Stretch fabric that you have on your back in order to evenly distribute the weight of the baby in a sling.
  • For slings with rings and "tail" should be to reach the top or bottom part of the "tail" through the rings to determine "appropriate position".The easiest way to do it with slings unlined and sewed the "tail".However, with the slings lined it can also be done.
  • sling must be worn at the same level at which you would be wearing a corset.
  • Most mothers have a favorite side on which they wear a sling.Moms-righties prefer to wear a sling on his right shoulder.But when you get used to wearing a baby in a sling, try to periodically change shoulders.This allows the shoulders to relax and reduce the stress on your back.