Slings and Safety: A Guide for Moms

Safety slings babywearing - an art that has been known for a long time, and which allows the mother and the child reside together, even if the mother is busy with their daily chores.Babywearing has many advantages, both for the child and for the mother or the babysitter.

Benefits for children who are mothers:

  • baby cries less
  • It Easy abdominal cramps
  • reduced the level of acid reflux in babies
  • promotes healthy physical development of the spine, and the vestibular apparatus of
  • child spends moretime in a calm state, which contributes to its training and development
  • Provides more time for social development

Benefits for moms and nannies:

  • helps mothers avoid postpartum depression
  • promotes breastfeeding
  • This is convenient

Currently, expert opinions were divided over whether some slings are secure.The sling child should feel like on her mother's arms.In a side sling the child is at hip level and, as we know, no mother is as a newborn child.

Modern slings and carry-bags have long been used and are completely safe, with proper use and placement of the child.

How to wear a sling children

  • parent must simulate carrying a baby in her arms.
  • baby's head should be on the breast of the parent at such a level that it could reach his lips.
  • child between the chin and chest should remain away size of one finger.
  • child should be pressed firmly against the body of the parent.
  • person of the child shall be raised up, not close to the body of the parent.
  • need to change the position of the child if the parents heard pohryukivanie or shortness of breath child.
  • sling straps should not cover the nose and mouth of the child.

addition to these recommendations, the parents will also be helpful to read the instructions for use of the sling.

Sling allows parents to carry out their daily duties at home.

Parents also frequently use car seats for transporting children.But studies show that if left child for more than twenty minutes in the seat in the car, this can lead to a decrease in blood oxygen level.Based on these studies, parents are advised to use the car seat only when driving in the car and on trips that last less than one hour.

Parents can use shopping carts to carry the baby until they make a purchase in a store.And instead of the ideal car seat can be a convenient, reliable sling with soft straps.

Some of the most common models of slings

  • Sling rings

Sling This model is ideal for infants and toddlers up to 15 kilograms.The straps on the sling can be adjusted so that they will be suitable for both the mother and for the Pope.Sling has a conventional design, so that the child can carry it as a dad and mom.Sling sewed from natural fabrics that can be washed in the machine and to avoid overheating of the child.This sling can be easily folded to the size of the bag for diapers.Comes with a sling is often sold dvd-CD with instructions for parents novice.

  • Sling scarf

sling scarves - favorites among the tools for carrying children.The main thing - to learn how to wind the sling-scarf, then none of the sling will not seem so easy to you.The scarf child can plant a variety of ways, you only need to learn how to tie a sling.When you put on a sling-scarf, the ends can touch the floor, so it is advisable to wear it at home before you go to the store or to wear a jacket.

sling-scarf made of elastic and breathable fabrics, which increases the comfort of the baby.Scarves are good for parents who want to touch the baby, which promotes the development of premature and newborn babies.

May-slings - a common name for one of the types of slings for babies and toddlers.Wide straps provide comfort when carrying the child.The straps on the shoulders - cupped, pleated and soft that allows parents to feel free when transporting children.Waist straps and shoulder retain their shape, which prevents the occurrence of folds and inconvenience that arise as a result.May-slings sewn from various fabrics, including cotton, velvet, brocade and organic cotton.May-slings - bilateral, ie they are made of two different fabrics.Therefore, if the parents after a while tired of the sling, they can turn it inside out and get another new sling.

  • Slings soft tissue

Slings this type are somewhat similar to May and slings.However, the main difference is the softer, and at the same time dense fabric and buckles, which replaces the long fabric straps.This model is the most comfortable sling for putting, but it is also the most cumbersome.These slings are designed to carry children older than twelve months.Typical for this kind of slings are soft shoulder straps and a belt at the waist.