Slings: Precautions and warnings

slings precautions Safe use of funds to carry children always depends on the user.Your child's safety should always come first.

Always observe the following safety instructions.

  • Slings designed for infants and children weighing up to 20 kilograms.However, restrictions may also apply to your body.Do not try to carry the baby in a sling, you can not be on hand.If your child was born prematurely or had breathing problems, you'd better consult with your doctor about babywearing.Pediatricians do not recommend using slings for carrying premature and sick children, as well as to carry the baby lying in a pose.Such children should be worn in an upright position.
  • In any device that is used to carry the baby, the baby should feel like in the hands of parents.It is not necessary to place a child in a sling with the rings in a position which does not resemble the situation in the hands of the mother.
  • Sling must always fit snugly to the child's body.
  • Never cover the baby's face with a cloth sling.
  • newborns and infants may be at risk of positional asphyxia.The baby's head must be constantly maintained, and the neck should be kept straight.If your child wheezes or worried, change its position in the sling.
  • in a sling a child must be in a position where you could kiss him on the forehead.This does not apply to cases where you are breast-feeding.There is a possibility that the baby can choke during breastfeeding Breastfeeding: Breast - and no nails! Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails! , so please do not rely on intuition and regularly check your child's breathing, when you breastfeed.The nose of the child should not be pressed to the mother's breast.This applies to breastfeeding in all situations, not just in a sling.If you tie the sling properly, you can not see the faces of children.One must be very careful when you are breast-feeding in sling.
  • Never use the device for transporting a child in a special child seat.Slings must not be used as a car seat when riding a bike and other vehicles.
  • When a child is in a sling, do not engage in activities that could harm your baby.For example, when you're working with heavy equipment, exercise, or a busy business, during which a child can fall out of the sling.
  • Do not walk with your baby in a sling or near an open flame hearth heat, as the fabric material of the sling is neither fire resistant nor fire retardant.However, the same applies to your child.
  • follows a long strap, it is better to wrap up in a cloth sling or throw over your shoulder or wrap around the ring in the sling in order not to stumble and not get entangled in the straps.

Apart from all these precautions, it is also important to remember that the slings for children are an excellent tool that can give you significant help in everyday life, they just need to be used with caution.Babywearing can be compared to riding a bicycle: you want to be safe while you enjoy the ride, but do not let the thought of danger to prevent you to enjoy.