Constipation in infants - is it always safe?

  • Constipation in infants - is it always safe?
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Constipation in infants Constipation in infants can cause severe anxiety, intestinal colic, sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .But sometimes the absence of the chair at a child who is breastfed, even for a few days does not cause him any discomfort.Often, parents are worried, but how justified such concerns?


symptoms of constipation in infants, breastfed

bowel emptying happens in different children in different ways.In some, it occurs after each feeding, while others - once a day, at the third - once in several days.What is the norm?

Experts believe that the rules should be the criterion of the child's condition.If he is not worried, actively suckles, sleeps between feedings, the digestion is correct.Many parents are concerned about the lack of a chair at the child for a few days, but experts believe that the causes for concern.The emergence of a rare chair with normal general condition of the child says a thorough understanding of breast milk - it is almost all absorbed.

But breastfeeding can be problems with a chair.The most common cause is physiological goiter - gut microflora populated baby.When breastfeeding, this process is relatively "peaceful".However, sometimes pathogenic microflora begins to prevail over the useful, and then in the process of digestion failures occur.

Eating Disorders can occur by the lack of an enzyme to digest the milk sugar - lactase.

Lactase deficiency in most children is not expressed and transient in nature, in a few weeks, begins to produce enough lactase.

All these processes are normal - there is a formation of the digestive system.However, a child on the background of dysbiosis and lactase deficiency can occur indigestion.They may be manifested as a diarrhea or a constipation.Such constipation accompanied by abdominal distention Bloating - if you are bursting inside Bloating - if you are bursting inside and intestinal colic.Gathered in the intestine gases begin to inflate it from within, it causes spasms of smooth muscles of the intestinal wall, and severe pain.The child begins to twist legs and a strong cry.

Sometimes the cause of constipation in a child are errors in the nutrition of the mother.Products that cause constipation in infants - is nuts, hard cheeses, products made with white flour, polished rice dishes, sweets, pastries, whole cow's milk (but not dairy products, you can use them), strong tea and coffee, cocoachocolate.All these products are a nursing mother is better excluded from the diet.Constipation can cause a child's mother is also receiving some drugs, such as antispasmodics, iron supplements and so on.



treatment of constipation in babies usually begins with the appointment of a carminative.Drugs in this group is removed from intestinal gases.The most famous is a carminative dill water, which is still used by our grandmothers.Today, there are more effective medications.An example of an effective carminative for infants may be a drop of oral BeybiKalm.Included in the drops of vegetable oil (fennel and anise) relieve intestinal cramps and gas output.

In some cases, constipation, intestinal colic accompanied, on the advice of a pediatrician treatment begins with a cleansing enema.Enema infants with constipation is carried out using a special rubber bulb.For newborns use bottles of 75 ml, for babies up to a year - up to 200 ml.

For the procedure laid oilcloth child on the left side, legs bent at the hips and knees.The balloon is gaining a bit of warm boiled water, pressing the bottom of the balloon is deflated, smeared Vaseline tip Vaseline: old friend Vaseline: old friend .Carefully, without pressure tip is introduced into the rectum and pushing the bottom of the cylinder, beginning to enter the water.

During cry administration suspended, and continue to introduce new inspiration, gradually emptying the tank.After removing the tip of the child's buttocks while compressed, holding liquid and then placed the child on the back, legs raised and bent, stimulating thus the act of defecation.Enemas should not do often - it causes a decrease in reflex activity of the intestines and increased constipation.

After weaning introduce solid foods - how not to be mistaken with a choice of products? Introduce solid foods - how not to be mistaken with a choice of products? chair can be adjusted by using products that contain fiber and enzymes that have a laxative effect.These products include zucchini, carrots, cabbage, plums.All these products are introduced into the child's diet as a vegetable and fruit purees.

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