Mikrolaks for newborns - eliminate constipation

Mikrolaks for newborns Mikrolaks for newborns helps to quickly deal with constipation, and rarely causes any side effects.It is important to remember that it does not eliminate the cause of constipation, and taking it for a long time not to be.Therefore, if shortly after the relief caused by the use of Mikrolaks, constipation starts again, you must be examined to identify its possible cause.

Mikrolaks - a laxative drug, which includes sodium citrate, sorbitol, glycerol and sodium lauryl.These materials soften stools due to increased water concentration therein and facilitate defecation, acting on intestinal peristalsis.

While constipation in infants who consume only liquid foods, rarely, sometimes, this problem still occurs.Most likely constipation in newborn infants who are fed exclusively with formula milk Dairy mixture - selection of the useful power Dairy mixture - selection of useful power .Although modern infant formula made with all the needs of the body of the little man, they still can not completely replace breast milk.Constipation may also begin in children with lactose intolerance or allergy to milk protein.


Mikrolaks for newborns: User

major indication for use Mikrolaks constipation is caused by a variety of reasons.

  • Mikrolaks contraindicated if you are allergic or hypersensitive to any of its components (the full list of ingredients of the drug should be indicated on the package).
  • Children under the age of three may be given Mikrolaks solely on the advice of a physician.

before using the enema Mikrolaks newborn carefully wash your hands and clean the space under the nails.Then you need to wash the skin around the anus of the child;Use the warm water and mild soap, designed specifically for children's skin.If you notice that around the anus showed signs of inflammation or irritation of the skin (eg, rash, swelling, redness), before inserting the enema, call your doctor.

Due to the relatively safe ingredients Mikrolaks should not cause harm in contact with irritated skin, but the treatment of newborn babies should always be very careful.

Mikrolaks The package contains several tubes, each containing five milliliters of laxative.At the tubes have special tips for entering drug in the rectum, so you do not need to purchase any special equipment to do an enema.

First of all, you need to clean hands break off the upper part of the tip that closes its opening.Pre anus or tip can lubricate a small amount of baby oil - it will facilitate the introduction of the drug.Then the tip is introduced into the anus to a special mark - a newborn insert the tip in great depth should not be.Since the tip of a very thin, the child will not feel pain, but it may experience some discomfort.During the procedure, constantly talking to them calm, ordinary tone, trying to divert his attention to yourself or ask someone from the family members to show him colorful toys, pictures, or just talk to him until you put an enema.There will also be better if someone can hold a little baby, so it does not make any sudden movements.

slowly squeezed out of the tube the medicine until it is completely empty it.

Sometimes, instead of candles Mikrolaks enemas used for newborns.They are used in much the same manner except that the suppositories allowed in the rectum where they are completely dissolved and absorbed in the intestinal wall.

empty tubes from the Mikrolaks should be wrapped in paper and put in a plastic bag and disposed of in the regular trash for disposal.

Mikrolaks drug is a colorless, viscous, homogeneous liquid with small air bubbles inside.If you noticed that the medication cloudy or has an unusual color or texture, do not use it.

Mikrolaks can only be used to facilitate individual scenes constipation.If newborn constipation persists for a long time, probably for its treatment requires other means.Too Mikrolaks prolonged use can cause severe irritation of the anus.

Usually Mikrolaks does not cause side effects, but sometimes it can lead to lung and burning and redness of the skin around the anus.

Mikrolaks Store in a dark place at a temperature below twenty-five degrees Celsius.The drug can be stored in the refrigerator, but it should not be frozen.