Using teats or pacifiers: Timely failure

Use nipple pacifiers The decision to use a pacifier or not, and how long to use it, is totally dependent on adults.In this regard, there are different opinions as that of parents and doctors.On the pros and cons of pacifiers has been said a lot.What are the features of their use at different ages?


sucking movements are very important for the newborn.This process calms them, he sucks his chest, finger or pacifier.One of the benefits of using dummies that her child is more likely to fall asleep in his bed, than you have on hand.

No need to feel guilty if you give your child a pacifier.You have every right to make that choice.Eventually, with the help of a child can not stop crying and calm down in a doctor's office where strangers in white coats scare him.

Many children up to three to five months, do not realize that you can suck his own fingers on if they did so while in the womb.If they do not give the nipple, they eventually will understand how to use fingers.Wean the child from this will not be easy, because the pacifier in a pinch, you can just pick up, but with the fingers is much more difficult ...

  • use of pacifiers reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - the cause has not yet been found Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - the cause has not yet been found .
  • Try a day or two to lay baby to sleep without a pacifier, but be sure to give him her when necessary.
  • Using a pacifier, you can reduce the frequency of night feedings, but gradually the need for them will disappear altogether.Before the night to feed him, offer him a pacifier.If that is not enough, so he woke just need to suck, not hunger.
  • Never smear on nipple anything sweet that improve its taste.
  • Never force a child to take a pacifier if he does not want.

If you want your child refused dummy before it becomes a strong habit, start to gradually reduce its use when he was three or fourmonths.

four to twelve months

At this age, many children are still very strong need to suck, and thus they can be much easier to put to bed, giving them a pacifier.

habit of falling asleep with a pacifier in his mouth begins to form at the age of four or five months, so if you do not want your child to get used to, start to give him a pacifier less often.

  • If a baby cries at night, before giving a pacifier, give him time to calm down, he tried alone.Exactly how much time to give, depending on age.For four months the baby will be enough ten minutes.Look at his watch - ten minutes of loud crying in the night may seem like a whole hour.
  • When the baby falls asleep, remove the pacifier from his mouth, that he was not used to sleeping only with her.
  • Give your child a pacifier only when he lies in bed.
  • from time to time put your baby to sleep without a pacifier.It may be that the habit is not as strong as you thought, and after ten minutes of crying baby fall asleep fine.
  • If you are going to continue to use pacifiers, keep them next to the crib, the child did not use them when awake.

recommendations for those who want to wean a child from pacifier:

  • Replace pacifier beautiful blanket, a pillow or a toy.
  • Just stop giving your child a pacifier at bedtime and calms it in other ways - sing lullabies Lullabies: universal hypnotic Lullabies: universal hypnotic , tell stories and so on.
  • done in the tip of the nipple hole a little.Within a week, gradually expand the hole.Sucking a pacifier will be less pleasant and probably the child of her own refuse.

Children older than one year

If your child used a pacifier from birth, the habit of falling asleep with her had already fully formed.

  • No need to overnight again to give him a pacifier if he lost it.Any child older than nine months can learn to do it yourself.
  • If the child sleeps with the lights on, it will be easier to find the pacifier.
  • To avoid possible damage to the teeth, it is recommended to stop using pacifiers before the child turns two years.

to the child refused Dummy:

  • Start with the recommendations already mentioned, for example, let alone a pacifier at bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams and take her away when the child goes to sleep, and so on.
  • If your child is more than two years, you can tell him about the "fairy pacifiers," which picks up pacifiers and gives their new children.Instead, the fairy may leave a small toy or something else that will delight your child.
  • If the child is more than three years, begin to reward him every time he would be able to sleep without pacifiers.
  • not buy new soothers and try to get the child did not see them in stores or pharmacies.