How to choose a nanny - Bok or Mary Poppins?

  • How to choose a nanny - Bok or Mary Poppins?
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How to choose a nanny Choosing a nanny - a complex and demanding task, which is not without a reason frightens many parents.In the search may take a long time, and even the careful selection does not always guarantee that you will not have to give up babysitting services after the first day that it would hold the child.Recommendations how to choose a nurse will help to avoid many mistakes and find the right person quickly.


How to search for a nanny

need to begin searching in advance, regardless of whether you have to go to work after two months, or a week you go to the wedding of friends, and you need a babysitter for the evening.The longer you delay the start of the search, the more likely that eventually found the nurse does not live up to your expectations.

Ask for advice from family, friends or colleagues.If they can recommend a babysitter who regularly use the services themselves, most likely, it will not disappoint you.

can use the services of an employment agency, but first make sure that there is how to check the people they work with.

place an ad in the local newspaper, and even better - a specialized online community, and a detailed description of their requirements for candidates.Remember that in most countries it is not recommended to leave children with nurses, who have not attained the age of sixteen.Specify in the declaration that candidates must have at least two recommendations, and be sure to contact their former employers.

Trust your intuition.If the candidates than in nanny you do not like something, do not use its services, even if you can not explain what is wrong.Women's intuition is rarely wrong, especially when it comes to children.


How to make the right choice

met with all suitable candidates personally, and when to select a nanny, be sure to check with her baby, before you leave them alone.Pay attention to how it deals with the child: usually the best babysitter talking quietly, patiently, without syusyukany.In addition, conduct a conversation with a potential nanny, and talk to her about these things:

  • experience

Ask her, what age group, she worked as a nanny for a long time it works, whether it is able to provide first aid, and how theybehave, if a child is ill or will misbehave.Her answers have to be calm and detailed, point to the fact that in a difficult situation, she kept his head and not lose control.

  • parenting philosophy

People may have very different ideas about the proper upbringing of children, and it should be borne in mind when choosing a nanny for your child.For example, if you do not want your child too much watching TV, make sure that the nurse shares your views.The same applies, for example, use of profanity, and many other aspects of education.

  • Leisure

Ask the nurse, at which time she will be able to look after the child - in general, it is better to start with, because when you have mismatched charts unlikely to get to work.

  • Future plans

Before you hire a nanny is make sure that you can use its services for a long time.As children get used to it, it will be very unpleasant if soon have to look for a replacement.So do not hire a man who in the near future is going to go to another city or country, or to go for a permanent job, he has no plans to combine with childcare.

  • cost

Just ask about the cost of services to avoid possible unpleasant surprises.If female candidates in nanny flexible rates, and she is willing to give up a little in price, this does not mean that it is bad nanny who is willing to work for almost any amount of money;Many women prefer to work with a person who pays a little less than average, but consistently than occasionally sit with the child for more money.At the same time, do not willingly abused nanny slightly reduce the cost of services: remember that good pay is a great motivating tool for most people.

  • Religion

Although you can find the perfect nanny among people who do not share your religious beliefs, this item is still of great importance.If religion plays an important role in your life, you will probably prefer that your children are looked after person who belongs to your denomination.Likewise, some atheists would not want that for their children cared for very religious people.If your views on religion are different from those of nurses, in most cases, will be enough to discuss it in advance - ask for it so that it did not discuss religious matters with the child, did not read his thematic literature, and so on.If a person is a staunch supporter of any confession, you may want to find someone with a more neutral look.

  • Habits

If nanny smokes, explain to her exactly where in your home you can smoke (or say that you can only smoke on the street - it must treat it with understanding).If you suspect that the candidates in nanny is abusing alcohol or drugs, it is better to abandon its services.Another important point concerns food.If nanny loves junk food (do not hesitate to ask about it), ask for it so that it did not offer the child chips, french fries, and similar products.

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