Festers eyes of the newborn - are taking measures

festers eyes of newborn Many newborn eyes water If your eyes are watering - the emergence of the problem and its solution If your eyes are watering - the emergence of the problem and its solution and stick together.Thus, whenever the baby wakes up, his eyes may be covered with a crust that prevents it open.This is observed in almost half of all kids.Why festers eye in newborns?

Zagnoenie eye often occurs because the tear ducts in the newborn (the channels through which tears are taken out of the eye) may be fully formed, and open late.About one in five baby is born with incompletely formed tear ducts in one or both eyes.This condition is usually not a serious problem.You may have to wipe the child from glazik adhesive released from the eye, but the eyeball newborn is likely to remain healthy and white, and the child should not worry too much that state.

pediatrician will examine the child's eyes and determine whether his cause of clogged tear duct.If so, the doctor will advise parents to massage the area around the tear duct several times a day to stimulate his work.Your doctor may prescribe eye drops.If these measures fail, your doctor may recommend outpatient procedures to open the tear duct.In some cases, a child may need surgery to repair the tear duct, if it is not properly formed.

Usually this problem disappears by itself, but the eyes may start watering again if the child appears cold because the newly opened tear duct can easily become clogged.In rare cases, runny eyes or pus in the infant may be the result of another problem.


Neonatal conjunctivitis

during natural vaginal birth the newborn is exposed to bacteria or virus in the birth canal.This exposure can cause eye infection called neonatal conjunctivitis.This infection can cause yellow purulent discharge from the eyes of the newborn, as well as redness and swelling of the eyelids.Mother necessarily have an active bacterial or viral infection, the child was subjected to their influence.

However, if you know that the mother has active disease, such as chlamydia Chlamydia - almost biblical disease Chlamydia - almost biblical disease , your doctor may recommend a caesarean section to reduce the impact of infection on the newborn baby.


Treatment with suppuration of eyes newborn

newborn eyes usually ceases to fester, once the tear duct finally formed.This usually occurs within a few weeks, but some children, it takes several months.

At discharge from the eyes adhesive wipe it with a cotton pad or swab How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions , soaked in cold boiled water.Do this several times a day, or as often as required.

can help trim lacrimal massage several times a day with gentle taps on the outside of the nose.The tear duct runs directly under the inner corner of the eye.If it is clogged, you can often feel the bump in the place where converge the corners of the eyelids.With the tip of a clean, smooth fingers (use a scrub, the skin on the finger was smooth) gently massage this area, moving fingertip semicircular motion from the corner of the eye inward toward the nose.Do five to ten massage movements at least six times a day.Gentle pressure on the tear duct, filled with liquid, the liquid will often move clogged channel and open it.

Breast milk has an antibacterial effect.This is an effective home remedy that can be used if the mother is breastfeeding.

about six times a day, apply a few drops of breast milk on the tip of a clean finger, and put them in the inner corner of the eye festering child.Every drop of breast milk, millions of white blood cells and natural antibacterial agents, infection-fighting.Further, breast milk affects newborn sensitive eyes softer than medication.

If these funds do not help get rid of the discharge, the doctor may prescribe antibiotic ointment or drops that need to be applied four times a day until the tear duct opens and the pus no longer stand.Every visit to the pediatrician tell about the state of your child's eyes.

If the tear duct and remains closed at the age of 12 months, talk with your pediatrician.He may refer the child to a pediatric ophthalmologist.A specialist can carry out the procedure, during which in the tear duct introduced a very thin instrument that opens it.Talk to your pediatrician before, if the state is poor, causing anxiety in the child, or if you think there is a problem with the eye or eyelids child.


What should I look for if festers eyes newborn

You may notice a slight reddening of the eyeball due to some inflammation, it usually does not require treatment and should pass on its own.Sometimes festering eye can cause conjunctivitis (eye infection).The eye may appear red and inflamed, and the child can rub your eyes.Conjunctivitis is usually not dangerous, but they are very contagious, and they must be treated.When conjunctivitis is usually assigned to the antibiotic drops Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? .Wash your hands before and after instillation of the drops, and be sure to use separate towels for the baby.

Treat your child at home if ...

  • The child sticks together or watery eyes
  • his eyeballs healthy and white
  • Child not bother discharge from the eyes

See your doctor if ...

  • eyes of a childinflamed and reddened
  • around the eyes appear yellow or green discharge or crusts that appear again and again
  • child often rubs his eyes, or you feel that it hurts
  • child does not like to open the eye, or it seems that annoying light in his eyes
  • you think a child may be conjunctivitis
  • it seems that the structure of the eye or eyeball broken

call "ambulance" if ...

  • child's condition life threatening, or he is seriously injured
  • There is no reason to cause "first aid" if the child's eyes tears, or festers.