Antidiarrheal drugs to children - be careful

antidiarrheal drugs to children Antidiarrhoeal medicines for children should not be used independently without a doctor's prescription, as diarrhea or diarrhea in children can occur very hard and give life-threatening complications.Diarrhea is especially dangerous for children under one year, as is often accompanied by dehydration.


cause of diarrhea in children

diarrhea in young children can occur when errors in the diet (eg, inappropriate complementary feeding, feeding dishes, not intended for baby food), any acute illness (eg acute respiratoryviral infection), nervous stress, overheating and so on.Sometimes loose stool is an indication of enzyme deficiency (e.g., lactase) or malabsorption of food in the small intestine.

in preschool and school-age children diarrhea can be a symptom of a chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract, such as chronic enterocolitis.Food development of such processes play a major role.

Finally, at any age, diarrhea can be a sign of an intestinal infection.In all of these diseases requires different treatment for children.That's why you should not self-treat diarrhea, it is better to entrust the pediatrician.


Antidiarrhoeal preparations for children, restoring fluid and electrolyte balance

children during diarrhea (especially small) lose a lot of fluids, andwith it the salts.This is very dangerous.To restore the water-salt balance prescribed drugs such as rehydron, gidrovit, gidrovit forte.All of them are available in the form of powder for oral solution.With diarrhea and vomiting they take very small doses, but often, in order not to provoke vomiting.

alternative to such treatment (if the child is still vomiting constantly and assimilate liquid) is the intravenous drip of similar solutions.



Sometimes the treatment of diarrhea used probiotics - drugs which contain colonies of bacteria that are part of the normal intestinal microflora.It lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, some strains of E. coli, and so on.These drugs are bifidumbakterin Bifidumbacterin - restores normal intestinal microflora Bifidumbacterin - restores normal intestinal microflora , laktobakterin, bifikol, enterol, Atsipol Atsipol - normalizes intestinal microflora Atsipol - normalizes the intestinal microflora , bifiliz, probiform and others.

normal microflora multiplies in the intestine of the child and displaces pathogenic and opportunistic.



is a drug that is deposited on the surface and removed from the body along with the feces of infectious agents and their toxins, products of inflammation and improper digestion.For drugs in this series include smectite Smecta - necessary in any medicine cabinet Smecta - necessary in any medicine cabinet , enterosgel, filtrum-sti.These drugs can be given to the child before the arrival of the doctor, they will not bring harm.


Enzyme preparations

When diarrhea on the background of digestive disorders associated with enzyme deficiency, children are sometimes prescribed medications, which contain digestive enzymes.It mezim, festal, panzinorm and so on.Often, these drugs may be included in the complex treatment of other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including intestinal infections.


drugs nitrofuran series

These drugs have antibacterial effect by suppressing the livelihoods of the main pathogens of intestinal infections.However, they are not absorbed in the intestinal wall is not released into the blood and do not have impact on the overall organism.Representative nitrofurans is nifuroxazide (Enterofuril, ersefuril ersefuril - cope with a slight diarrhea of ​​infectious origin Ersefuril - to cope with a slight diarrhea of ​​infectious origin , stopdiar).This drug comes in capsules and a suspension for oral administration of small children.


antidiarrheal drug loperamide

loperamide inhibits peristalsis, increasing the passage of stool through it, increases the tone of the anal sphincter (a circular muscle, closing the anus), thereby reducing incontinence and urge to defecate.Loperamide (Imodium, Lopedium, diarrhea) children are allowed to apply only after six years.Despite the hype of the drug on TV as absolutely safe and cope with any diarrhea, and it is better not to take an adult without a prescription, because it can enhance the display sluggish intestinal infection.


Antidiarrhoeal herbal drugs

This drug is Usara inhibits peristalsis and secretion of the glands of the intestine, has antispasmodic, astringent and enveloping effect.Approved by children under one year.

antidiarrheal properties are also extracts of Hypericum, chamomile, pomegranate peels.But even herbal drugs the child should be prescribed by a doctor.

Antidiarrhoeal preparations for children should only be prescribed by a doctor.

Galina Romanenko