Gifted children, or whether well be a child prodigy

gifted children Many parents wonder about whether their children are gifted: some because they simply want to know that the child is more talented than others, and some because they see - a child objectively differentmany peers.Of course, every child is gifted or not, unique, gifted children but have enough similarities to be able to distinguish one of them from children of average intelligence.


Signs gifted children

to child was gifted, he need not have all of the following symptoms, but often these children have a majority of these characteristics are more or less pronounced.

  • Observation;
  • extreme curiosity about the world around them;
  • Have hobbies that the child is ready to devote a lot of time;
  • excellent memory;
  • ability to hold the attention on an object for a long time;
  • ability to reason logically in the relatively early age;
  • well-developed capacity for abstract thinking;
  • Flexible and quick thinking;
  • ability to quickly find connections between ideas, objects, facts;
  • original thinking;
  • Excellent ability to solve problems;
  • child learn quickly, while it requires fewer reps to remember than most children;
  • vivid imagination;
  • interest in philosophical and social issues;
  • High sensitivity - emotional, and often - even physically;
  • Concerns about fairness;
  • Perfectionism;
  • vigorously study and fellowship;
  • ability to easily find a common language with parents, teachers and other adults in their circle of friends;
  • high level of motivation is maintained even without external reinforcement;
  • well-developed sense of humor;
  • early child begins to read, read faster and much;
  • child prefers to read the literature, which is designed for children older than he;
  • often ask questions that begin with "what if";
  • show the ability to think critically.

To make sure that a child is gifted, it is possible to test for IQ;This is recommended when the child is less than five and no more than nine years.Usually, a test is required only in cases when considering the admission of the child to school, which is more in keeping with his abilities than mainstream schools.In other cases, the presence of typical signs of giftedness is enough that the parents had no doubt that their child has special talents.


How to educate gifted child

  • constantly put new challenges before the child

If before the gifted child are not interesting to him personally intellectual and creative tasks, he may begin behavior problems in school, and may beand completely lose interest in learning.Many parents of gifted children expect excellent marks, but their performance can fall even below average if it becomes interesting to learn.Try to work with the teachers.Many of them will be happy to assist gifted students to disclose their abilities.

  • defend the interests of the child

If teachers are not willing to take into account the peculiarities of your child, try to find him a suitable school.No need to immediately blame the child if they have any problems at school - perhaps the cause that is too different from the average student.If you can not send their children to another school, get him to educational resources on the Internet, and ask them to examine their own materials on the subjects that interest him.

  • Open the child window to the world

These windows can be books, movies, museums, lectures, special courses, concerts, travel, and so on.Try as much as possible to attend the event, which correspond to the interests of the child.Tell him about the opportunities to participate in various competitions and contests, as well as where it will be able to continue their education if it is to learn with the same enthusiasm.It is important that the child saw prospects and opportunities to apply their skills in the future.

  • Look teachers

If teachers in a school can not or do not want to separate work with gifted children, and you do not have enough knowledge to help the child to disclose his potential, one day he will need an experienced teacher who will be able to deepen their knowledge of the child, and sendit.Through the Internet, or try to find other resources to teachers who work with gifted children;they can give you valuable practical tips, which are not found in the multi-benefits.

  • Be modest

How would you have liked to brag to friends achievements of the child, it is not necessary to do so.Firstly, it can lead to excessive self-confidence in a child, and she is often the cause of conflicts with peers.Second, if your child is gifted by nature, learn better, learn more, think creatively for him - the norm, and it is not necessary to once again highlight.Endowments - it's just a feature of the person, which can achieve a lot, but that can destroy life and, if given too much importance to the talent and forget about the need to work hard.Do not let other people too praise your child.This does not mean that his achievement should be ignored - praise him, but to the extent that he did not have the impression of superiority over all others.He must understand that talent by itself - it is simply a gift of nature that have yet to properly use it.

  • Learn with your child

Gifted children - a great opportunity for parents to supplement their education.If you have time, read books, child reading that (at least some of them), and every day ask him to tell you what he learned today.So you keep contact with the child, who may soon become a lot smarter than you, and you will develop together with it.