Crisis Born to come into this world hard

The crisis of birth crisis facing the first everyone - it is a crisis of birth.For nine months the fetus was one with his mother, but the day has come and it is born, the umbilical cord and the baby crossed perceived by others as an individual.No one remembers what he experienced in the first days of its existence.Psychiatrists, plunging people into hypnotic sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , get information about the beginning of human life - a frightening mixture of sounds and pictures.This is really critical period is often called the crisis of birth.

What is a crisis of birth

crisis of birth - a condition the child's transition from intrauterine to extrauterine life.This is the biggest upheaval in human life: the transition from darkness to light, from the constant heat in the cold with temperature changes from passive consumption of nutrients through the umbilical cord blood, the active sucking, from the close comfort, accompanied by the soft sounds of rumbling bowel, or his mother's heart - tospace, filled with unfamiliar and often unpleasantly loud.This is not a gradual transition, and catastrophic.Instantly, with the first cry and breath, straighten the baby's lungs, it begins to breathe, begin to function circulation and reducing his heart begin to move blood through them.Instinct makes the child's limbs pressed to his stomach, reducing heat transfer, while moving to the mother's breast, the smell of milk in search of food.Experimentally proved that a newborn child can crawl up to a meter, always moving toward the heat and smell of the mother.

Medical and psychological characteristics of the crisis of birth

Newborn baby without a mother nature can not survive today, of course, the role of the mother can perform any adult, trained child care, but the mother plays a key role in the successful overcomingBorn crisis.

Newborn has several dozen innate reflexes to help him adapt to the environment, such as sucking and swallowing reflex.

If you hold your finger on the cheek, the baby first days of life there and then starts to turn his head to the side and open his mouth, searching for the mother's breast.If you put a child of the same age in the water - it will float.Adaptation abilities of the newborn are very large.Some people of the north decided to bathe the child after birth in the snow - it is believed that it helps him to be healthy.

On the other hand, the Bedouin tribes living in the desert, bathed newborns in the urine of animals for the same reason.Coming into this world, the child is adapting to the conditions in which the falls.

How to help your child to overcome the crisis of birth

born child is completely dependent on adults, without which it is doomed to destruction.And it is in their will to make the crisis of birth is not so painful for the child.To do this, not so much:

  • calm and confident mother.Woman on the last months of pregnancy should clearly know that she is loved, and the house has everything you need for her and the child.She must know where the maternity ward and when to come back.
  • During delivery the woman should be surrounded only by the goodwill of the people.The room temperature should be comfortable.Debated arguments about the dangers of spinal anesthesia for the child is not found scientific evidence, but the woman at the same time more calm, so you can at this stage to believe that the use of it more than harm.
  • Immediately after birth the baby should be on the mother's body and immediately attached to the mother's breast - it helps to more quickly adapt to the child and experience the friendliness of the world.
  • Separation of mother and child, even short-term - is unacceptable!The child must always feel the warmth of the mother to be able to immediately satisfy your hunger and to feel safe.

said that the crisis comes to an end with the birth of the first child's smile.Let the smile appears much earlier in the faces of the new inhabitants of our planet.

Svetlana Shimkovich